Friday, January 11, 2013

Where I Say Genius Twice

Weston has just amazed me lately. He’s talking full sentences. Full and clear sentences. He is able to get all of those baddler (not quite baby/not quite toddler) thoughts out of his mouth. In a way I am completely excited about thinking my 3rd kid is a genius and he didn’t get gypped with any of the runt, whatever was left, genes we had to pass down, but in another way, OH MY GOSH slow the freaking time down! I’m not ready to have no babies at home except I don’t want any more babies. That totally makes sense!

Oh, warning, I actually had some “coffee” this morning in the form of a warm, smooth, thick, glorious cup of cappuccino (that completely tore my stomach up). It really made me crave my couch, a warm fuzzy blanket and my jammy pants even though I don’t think I’ve ever had any form of coffee at home.

Back on subject: I often have to take a double take to see who said what. He sounds a lot like his middle brother with some of the things he says.

A sampling:
“Is that poop, mommy?” I don’t know, did you poop?” “No, jusss fart. I jusss fart, mommy.”
“Wyatt, I see in the toilet. I see in the toilet. I see inthetoilet. Iseeinthetoilet!!!!! Oh, nice!”
“Weeee, the truck goes down the hill. Weee the truck crash (big truck crash sound)”
“No, mommy, I don’t want batman jammies off.”
“This is my bed, mom and I sleep here and watch moobies.”
“Waylon hit me and hurt my head”
“I want to go with daddy in the truck. I want in the truck. Mommy, you take me to the truck? I ride in the truck. I ride inthetruck. IRIDEINTHETRUCK!”
“It’s my turn in the bath. It’s my turninthebath! IWANTTOGETINTHEBATH!”

23 and a ½ months! Blows my mind! There’s just something about the way his lips form around those words, too. I figured he’d talk late since he had two brothers to talk for him and meet his every need. Nope, he can totally tell them where to go and what he wants. He is also starting a little screaming when he is upset like a two year old should. I can’t stand it. He’s trying it quite often.

I think I have a genius new birthday gift idea… with three boys we have A TON of toys and every birthday (January, May, & October) and every Christmas we only add to the madness. They love the toys, but with that many they don’t play with some of them much. We just donated a bunch of toys to the babysitter and dropped quite a load off at Meet the Need, a local thrift store, resource for people in need. Amazing place. I’m proud to have such a thriving resource for those around us that need help. Way to go, communities around me.

Anyway, a couple of years ago for Wyatt’s birthday we had the usual huge slide and water fun outside and told people that they didn’t have to bring wrapped gifts, but if they felt like giving a gift that they could donate to the swing set fund that Dale was building with some family help. It turned out great. We still have a little more to finish like the roof and the climbing wall. But that got me thinking about other ideas. Things people could do for birthdays so they don’t have to go buy another toy or break the bank with my crew. I thought about doing projects for them with stuff they could use for a while. Things that would be pretty big and memorable for them. Things that would be a part of their lives for quite some time. Things like the swing set. Maybe a room remodel, a college fund donation, etc. Not that I want people actually coming to the party and remodeling their room, but donations of any amount to get that sort of thing accomplished for them and some place to sign or leave their own special little mark like a framed picture of the party group with a “Batman room brought to you by:” (totally stole that idea from you, Christen) or they could sign the climbing wall or something like that.

I know a lot of people feel naked coming to a birthday party without a wrapped gift so I could also leave that option out there if they really want to do that. That way it cuts down on the number of toys they get, but allows them a gift that is big and meaningful and is with them for the majority of their lives. My mind is going crazy with ideas!!! What do you think? Would you like that idea as a party goer? What ideas do you have for your kid’s birthdays? How do you keep the toys to a minimum.

I looked for runs for this season. Whoa, so many of them. All of them sound so good to join until that Saturday morning when I have to get up at 5 and drive an hour to get there. I have to remember that little fact before registering. So far I have one that I’m already registered for in March. That should have me finishing up P90x just in time to hit the roads to build my endurance. 10k’s here we come. I’m also looking for a half this year. The fear is slowly leaving me. However I do will be a PR and something to strive for if I decide to ever run that distance again. I’m never going to get to a marathon if I don’t set my sights a little further. I’m going to do as many 5k’s as I can, but also schedule some 10k’s and at least 1 half. I’m excited to start back up!

P90x was a bummer last night. An hour of stretching when I was hungry for some sweat. I had to run back upstairs and put more clothes on because I got cold, boo. I know it is a process and next week I might be crying UNCLE!!!! The good part was Weston actually tried to join me in a couple of the moves. Cat stretch was my fav. I don’t think that kid could be any cuter. That is until he started turning off the basement lights and thinking it was funny. Not too cute then.

Would you like the gift idea as a party goer?
What ideas do you have for your kid’s birthdays?
How do you keep the toys to a minimum?
How do you decide what races to do?
How many do you try to squeeze in for the season?

Happy weekend to you!

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  1. First, I just LOVE the stories of your boys! As much as I love my girls, I had a son first and just really loved having a boy. I would have been perfectly happy if all of my kids had been boys but instead, I am blessed with just one boy and two very girly girls. :)

    Second, I started a new tradition this year for my daughter's 4th birthday where we asked all the kids to bring a wrapped book for a book exchange. The kids then drew numbers to see what order they could choose their wrapped book. All the kids loved it and I loved promoting reading as well as not contributing to a pile of growing, rarely-used toys. I'm planning to continue the tradition for my girls for as long as I can.

    I'm not one to sign up for a lot of races but am planning to do more this year than my usual one half-marathon and one marathon. Already am signed up for a half-marathon, a 15k and a marathon between now and mid-April!



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