Tuesday, October 30, 2012

I've been away so here's a little update

I've been busy and sick and struggling.  I'm short on time so this is the best I can do for now. 

Last week Dale was sick
Then Wyatt
Then Waylon
Then me

An energy zapping kind of sickness.  Not fun.  A lot of cleaning.

Friday - Wyatt's class party day.  Seeing his face light up when he saw me - so completely priceless.  He introduced me to as many people as he could.  Makes a momma feel good!!! 

Saturday - Wyatt had a football tournament to end his season.  He did awesome.  And believe it or not did an outstanding job at being a snapper.  Guess I better bulk him up if that is where his talent will lead.  Awesome parents, awesome coaches, awesome refs, cold weather, great season - to sum it up.

It won't turn.  I've tried and tried and now I give up.  Turn your head sideways, I guess.

Also on Saturday - Dale had his Cross Country districts and had 3 runners qualify.  This is their first season of Cross Country and they had a small team, but an amazing season.  I am so beyond words about how proud of him I am.  An amazing job with such a tight group.  I think they all loved Cross Country more than they probably should.  Way to kick off such a great sport for the school!!!

Also on Saturday - a very last minute decision to go to Trunk or Treat with the boys.  Costumes were not 100% picked and we had no clue what Wyatt was going to be.  So we threw old costumes on the younger two and stole one of Waylon's bday presents for Wyatt.  And viola....

I'm proud of this one!!!  I guess we can consider Wyatt bulked!!  Such a great time.

Saturday night - me getting sick.

Sunday - me not moving from the recliner except to get to the bathroom.  No energy and missing all things fun.  So very thankful to have such an awesome husband who let me sleep in and he cleaned and dealt with the monsters all day.  He's so good to me. 

Monday - no work, still no energy, but forced myself to clean the boy's rooms and create a fun, special little nook for them.  They loved it.  They still do. 

AND this little man's fourth birthday!!!!

Mexican dinner out with the grandparents.  Singing Amigos.  Great night!  I was feeling much better just in time for a hearty Mexican meal. 

As far as running... I haven't ran since last Thursday and frankly I don't want to now.  I have a horrible attitude about it right now.  Maybe because it is cold.  I don't know.  I was kind of excited to run by the light of the full moon this morning, but my brain was not functioning when my alarm went off.  So, I stayed in bed.  Self destruction.... I have a bad case of it sometimes.  Now is one of those times.   So much to write.  So much to process, but again.  I'm out of time. 

I did get to spend some more special time with Waylon this morning at his class party. 

(there's another picture to insert here, but again, I said I was in a hurry, so everything turns out to be difficult.  You can see it on Instagram later - tsharp12)

Who needs work...
Oh, that's right, my broke ass!


  1. Hey! I am just reading some blogs while icing my foot (ugh!) and saw your post. Sorry to hear you all have been sick. I hate it when a sickness runs though the whole family...sometimes literally. ;) Not fun at all.

    Adorable pics of your kiddos and your little guy turning 4! One of my girls turns 4 next months -- we'll have to set them up some day. Ha!

    Sorry to hear you aren't excited about running right now. We all need a little physical and mental break at times and then the enthusiasm comes back. I never would have ran in the rain today if I wasn't meeting Amanda and Stephanie! Although I'm fine if it starts to rain once I'm already running, I have a hard time heading outside if it is already raining before I begin. Not a good attitude to have if you live in Portland, that's for sure!

    Also, I really am going to send you a message on FB now about doing that post... :)

    1. Yes, we'll have to set them up sometime. So fun!
      I'm feeling so much better today. Can't wait to get your post!!!

  2. Oh you, hang in there! Be good to yourself and let yourself recover and then? Get going! :)

  3. I guess we all go through that sometimes.... I hate it too....hang in there, soon you will be in top of the world again feeling all under control and right on schedule.

    I will look you up on Instagram to follow you, ;)
    xoxo, Yahu

    1. Found you first, ha!! Thanks, girl! I am feeling so much better today!

  4. I am so sorry that you were all sick. It's no fun especially for us mom's because no matter how sick we are, we still have to be a mom.
    I'm digging the costumes!

    1. I'm so thankful for Dale. I'd be in a lot of trouble without him. I kissed the boys on the lips before they left for school this morning and they were so excited that I was feeling better. How sweet is that?!

  5. Oh man, one I stop a good streak of working out I have the worst time getting back into it. It is seriously the hardest thing for me for some reason. Just making my self get off the couch and doing even the crappiest workout makes it better. Hang in there and take one step.

  6. Oh T.... keep your chin up!!! I hope you finally feel better.

  7. Oh T.... keep your chin up!!! I hope you finally feel better.



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