Monday, August 27, 2012

Stress, Results, Thoughts, Boys, Balance, Oh My!

Last week I left you with some pretty heavy stuff.  I don't want anyone out there to be worried about me, so I'll give you a little update. 

1.  My sister finished 4th IN THE WORLD at the WBFF World Championships
  •  She looked amazing!  For real, wow!
  •  I honestly thought she had the title in the bag and said it out loud as soon as the 3 time reigning champ was called out for 2nd.  We were shocked when her name wasn't called.
  •  I'm so proud of her regardless of what place she finished!  4th place is pretty freakin amazing though!
  • The best part was getting to watch it live and text her before and after to see how she was feeling. 
  • I loved the support she has received along this journey.  Awesome thing to witness!  When you follow your dreams you'd be surprised who comes out of the wood work to support you.  What an awesome feeling for me, but can you imagine how she felt?  On top of the world, yo! 
  • Look out, people.  This girl ain't done yet!
This is a cell phone pic of us watching her!

2.  Wyatt is loving school and doing awesome. He's already talking about a girl (did I tell you that already?) and he loves P.E., lunch, and recess.

3.  He's been begging me to pack his lunch because those kids get to go in line first or sit at the table first or something.  UGGHH!  I hate fixing lunches, but I will make it his special little treat. 

4.  I'm not as emotional anymore - Praise the Lord (I'm sure that is what everyone around me is saying.)

5.  That thing I mentioned I was starting a while back, it wasn't for me, so I won't be sharing publicly what it was because it might be for others.

6.  There is still a ton of stress in my shoulders that was completely gone yesterday and came back on my drive to work in the morning.  HHHMMMM!

7.  I'm still questioning if what I'm doing right now is the right thing for me, but fear of comfort and consistency (a paycheck we rely on) has me frozen. 

8.  4 mile run Saturday = awesome, x mile muddy bike ride with the husband yesterday = Awesomest, 3 mile fast run on the track this morning = awesome.  The air was thick this morning and I sweated (swat?) a mustache.  I was dripping wet and my pace keeps getting faster.  I want 7:30 race pace at most for my next race.  My pace lately has been better than expected as I've been running by myself.  Surely I can push out a faster one if I'm competing.  My sprints, however, another story.  I'm ashamed of them.  Where the heck has my speed gone?

9.  Weston sat still on my lap yesterday and for the first time in a long time I got that thought in my head that my baby is becoming a boy.  I kissed his soft cheek and held his dirty soft hand soaking him up as much as I possibly could.  Yesterday morning he was the only kid home.  He woke up and talked to himself in his bed for entertainment.  He was pretending to do something as I spied through the crack of his bedroom door.  His hand motions were hilarious.  I couldn't take it anymore so I popped in and jumped in his crib.  I laid down and covered up with his blankets.  He smiled and nestled his back right up against me.  We had a nice little morning.  I love these boys!

10.  Bath time stresses me out and Weston hates bedtime so our nights get hectic around 8:30 and I feel like collapsing on the couch soon after, so I do and then I beat myself up about how horribly I handle that part of my day, which is supposed to be a sweet and relaxing time of the day. 

11.  I haven't mentioned Waylon in this post and I don't want him getting the middle child syndrome so I have to tell you how much that kid cracks me up.  He's a funny dude.  Yesterday he decided to pee in a bottle and ended up peeing all over the place.  Thankfully he was outside.  I love running my fingers through his overgrown faux hawk.  He gets to meet his teachers tonight.  We'll see how this shy guy takes to it all.  I might be paying by the month instead of the year for him. 

Dino rain boots with no rain that he has been wearing for a week now.  I love him and he makes me really enjoy his childhood (most days)!

All in all, sometimes my life is crazy, goes too fast, sometimes it is slow, but never boring.  Sometimes I suck.  Sometimes I rock, but like I told my sister this morning, it is all a balancing act.  Every day is a chance to tip the scales to find what works right in that moment.  I'm just trying to perfect my balance!

Oh, and this happened:

The end!

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