Friday, August 24, 2012

Bring it! I'm ready for this weekend

Ya’ll, this week…. WOW! Talk about running the gamut of emotions. From almost depressed, to almost killed, to gratitude, to extreme excitement and nervousness. I don’t know how I keep up with myself. Thank you to those that poured out your love to me this week.  I felt it and I am so appreciative.  I think it is important to show our strengths, struggles, weaknesses, and successes. We are all human and shouldn’t pretend to be anything but that.

Yesterday I went on a 30 min tempo run at 4:30am in the dark around my town. Can I tell you how much I love tempo runs?! What’s a tempo run? Jog 10 – 15, run 10 – 15 fast, jog 10 -15. I got 4 miles in. My last mile was supposed to be slow. It was my fastest. I was feeling good and could have gone a lot longer if I had the time. I love feeling like that. I’m letting my body rest more mainly in response to the week I have had and it is just smart regardless. Running feels good again, not bad every single step like it had been. I’m starting to look forward to it again instead of having to talk myself into it.

Anyway, I got a lot of processing out of the way. My baby starting school, new schedules, accepting the fact that I can’t do it all… again, and you know, almost being killed. That’s a lot to process through. But it felt good and I didn’t hit the ice cream up all week (because I don’t have any and refuse to go there, not really, we haven’t been to the store in 3 weeks and I ate a lot of cookies. If it isn’t in the house I can’t eat it.)  There is still a ton of stress in my shoulders though which I keep trying to relax but find them at my ears time and time again. 

What’s got me excited to round out this week is getting to enjoy a football game WITH my husband, Wyatt having an awesome 1st week of school where he is already talking about some girl, one of my best friends having another beautiful baby boy, and my big sis is hitting the stage at the World Championships for Women’s Figure ( We are watching via online pay per view and if something goes wrong and I don’t get to watch it, I just might take someone’s head off.

Who needs energy drinks? Just watch this. She has a tendency to pump you up big time.

I am so proud of her. Not only is she living her dream and driving toward her goals, but she is living a healthy life and encouraging countless others to do the same. She is doing her part to help this nation be healthier. She is beautiful and goofy and down to earth and gracious and likes to sleep and pinch my butt, sometimes she is sensitive. Following her dreams has changed her life and mine and others. It has made our relationship stronger and she makes hard work turn into results. She is someone to look up to. Someone that will help, love, and support you. She is humanly amazing. She’s my big sister! And if you aren't following her journey, YOU CRAZY!

So, here's to a history making weekend!  Have a good one!

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  1. Wow, very impressed by your sister. It has been way too long since I have had a good run. I need to get into it again.



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