Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Here's A Little Story

Dale inherited his dad's semi truck.  He has always had dreams of driving and comes from a long line of truck drivers.  Until that dream comes true Dale likes to keep the truck running and takes short trips around the neighborhood.  

The boys go with him a lot of times.  They enjoy playing in the old trucks and pretending that they are loading up and talking to their fellow cb'ers. 

Recently they went on a ride with their dad.  Bill's (my father-in-law) accident was in August two years ago.  There is a little calendar on the dash of that truck freezing that month in time.  Other notable things about the calendar, well, it's a hot topless girl. 

In their last ride Waylon kept coming to the front of the truck and giggling.  He would then go back and join Wyatt in the sleeper.  Soon to come back for another round of giggling and back to the sleeper he would go. 

On the last trip to the front Dale asked him what he was laughing about.  He cupped his hands over his mouth and giggled more as he ran back to join Wyatt in the sleeper once again not answering his dad's question.  Dale listened closely as whispering ensued through the laughter,

"Is it mommy?" 

"Yeah, it's mommy!"

Um, it is by far mommy, but thanks for the compliment, boys!


  1. OMG girl lol this crack me up! Having boys are so much fun isn't?

  2. That picture. It looks just like my Dad's hand on the shifter. The graceful way he would shift without any gears grinding. I had to look again at the pic to be sure. But that's happening more and more often .. I catch glimpses of Dad in Dale and I realize how much he is still here. And in the boys. That's funny they thought that calendar girl was you!!!



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