Friday, May 4, 2012

Screw the routines (on the weekends)

There are times as a mom that I feel guilty.  I feel like maybe I'm taking the easy road. 

Let me clarify, I'm talking about my experience and my experience alone. 

I have a job, a good job.  A job I enjoy.

A job that actually praises you for having a balanced work/home life.

But what about them?

Sometimes I honestly feel like I am robbing them.  I should be home watching them.  Spending every waking hour with them.  

 But that isn't the plan I feel God has laid out for us.  When I think about it?  It has worked out just too perfectly to not be all in the hands of God. 

We found the perfect babysitter.  One that loves them.  One they love.  One I've never had any issues with and one that they run to when we arrive in the morning. 

I found her just days before I returned to work when Wyatt was seven weeks old.  DAYS!  My other plan fell through.  

My boys are smart.  They are loved.  They are social.  They share sometimes.  And they have respect and love for other kids.  With me at home I'm not sure they would be this way.  

The breaks are good and this is working for us as much as I miss them when I'm not with them.  I'm a better mother because of this.  I soak up the weekends more because of this.  I appreciate the smiles, the extended bed hour, the gum smudged into the floor, the scratches on the wall, the feet in my back, the first kisses good bye, the small chubby hands that open and close in my direction, covering them up, removing their shoes, watching them run towards me when I pick them up.  I could go on and on.  There are some days when it is too much.  When I can't seem to find patience within miles of my surroundings.

There are constant reminders around me that these are the good ol' days and that they are going to go by so fast.  I'm going to miss it.  And they are all right.  I am.  I am so going to miss it. 

I'm soaking the weekends up as much as I possibly can lately.  I'm starting to embrace the "slow" times even though it feels like they are going by too fast already.  With school, sports, friends, and whatever else they can find to fill their time with is just around the corner I feel like I better hang on before it gets crazier. 

Wyatt starts school next year and our lives once again will realize a new normal.  We're going to make the most of this summer and every weekend we can throwing out every routine we can get away with!  Ok, maybe not all summer, but definitely on the weekends!  Mommy still has to work! 

Do you all throw out routines in the summer or weekends? 

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