Monday, May 7, 2012

The moody's taking over

Saturday I was moody.  Dale was gone all day coaching.  I was by myself with the boys.  The weather was awesome.  The boys were in semi good moods and me? I was moody. 

Yesterday was good.  Thunder rolling, the living room dark.  A slow quiet morning at home with my entire family and a movie.  Yesterday was good. 

It seems lately there is a whole lot more moody than good. 

I'm stuck in the middle of comfortable and how to deal with what comes next.  I don't even know what comes next and I don't want to think about it.  I feel like we are in transition.  Transition to summer, to a possible new summer job for Dale and for tball and no school for Wyatt.  I'm going with the flow I guess and trusting that someone has us under their wings. 

So that's it.  That's where I'm at.  I'm sure tomorrow will be a different story. 

And I'm totally bummed Wyatt's first tball game just got cancelled.  For real.  But I love Waylon's face in the picture above. 

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  1. Literally one day, moment at a time. It's hard to not let your mind to get wrapped in worries of tomorrow, but we have to try.
    Sending big hugs.
    Ps. When I was a kid, a rain out made me pretty bummed. Softball was my favourite sport ;)



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