Tuesday, March 13, 2012

What I really think of exercise...

From the time I was little I have been active.  Gymnastics, softball, whatever those little track meet things were.  I have also always been a skinny poll.  Flat chested, bird legged, toothpick armed, blonde haired, skinny girl.  It runs in my genes.  The first time I got pregnant, the weight? No big deal.  You could hardly tell I was pregnant until late in the 7th month.  The weight after wasn't bad getting off.  Plus I was a bridesmaid in a wedding so I had more motivation to get the weight off.  So, I spent time in the gym running my butt off over my lunch break and going back to work a sweaty mess.

The 2nd kid, I got B.I.G. big.  I did squats in my closet after I got up in the morning in hopes to ward off the dimples I knew would be coming.  That seemed to make them show up faster.  It took a little longer to get the weight off, but still under a year and I ran in the summer around the lake across the street. 

Then Mr. Surprise came into our lives.  I didn't get as big as I did with Waylon.  However, my grandma looking knees and the dimples from my backside seemed to round their way to the front of my thighs.  And I had no calf muscles.  The weight started melting off like usual, but still the dimples were there and those lower abs were not bouncing back.  Instead they were sticking out making me look 5 months pregnant when I was bloated or after I ate a big meal.  Mexican food has been an enemy of mine.  But what I really couldn't take was being skinny but fat.  I wasn't eating all that healthy and my body felt like a big blob of pudding, not even jello, sometimes jello is too stiff even when it wiggles.

I wanted to be healthy, STRONG, solid. 

Insert Insanity.

Once I stopped breastfeeding I told myself I would use the extra time I would gain to workout and start getting back to my physical, strong self.  So, it took a few weeks after I quit breastfeeding because I made excuses.  The sleep was more important.  The pain will be too much to bear.  Until I made up my mind one morning to set the alarm earlier and get up and get started. 

My Goal? 
  1. Firm up
  2. Work out 4 times a week in the morning
  3. Eat better
How I'm doing?  Great.  I've missed one workout because I forgot to set my alarm on a Monday morning.  I actually crave working out more.  I sweat my butt off and look hideous, but I'm in my livingroom by myself, so I don't care. 

There are still some workouts, like this mornings, where I have to take some breaks, but for the most part I am powering through.  I think the Plyometric Cardio Circuit workout is the hardest because of the Ski Abs and the In and Out Abs at the end of the work out.  KILLER! 

I don't think I'm seeing the results as fast as I would like because I workout Monday through Thursday and then I am off for three days unless I throw in a Saturday workout.  By the time Sunday rolls around I feel like I've lost everything I gained from the week.  But, week after week I improve a little bit more. 

What I'm happy about?  I am moving.  I am motivated to be moving.  I'm craving more.  My pants fit tighter only due to the muscle in my legs.  I see the biggest improvement in my thighs.  I can make it through the majority of the workouts without small breaks.  I'm am sweating and I feel strong.  When you punch my thigh it doesn't jiggle for 10 minutes.  And there is nothing like the high of accomplishing something you thought was too hard to do.   The thing I wouldn't trade for anything is the amount of energy I have in the afternoon.  I work on little sleep, adding exercise to my routine has made all the difference in the afternoons.  Plus, I'm not sore.  There were times as an athlete that I wouldn't be able to get up from my chair without help or moaning.  This makes me feel it, but I am never too stiff or too sore to get up from a sitting position. 

What I'm going to continue to work on?  Eating better, making healthier choices with what hits my mouth.  NO MORE COOKIES AS SOON AS I WALK IN THE DOOR.  My butt still needs to be smoother and my lower abs need to be tighter. 

When will I get to the point of satisfaction?  When I have a four or six pack and have very little dimple count! 

When will I stop? Hopefully never.  Maybe I won't do Insanity every day, but I plan to be doing something.  I've got three very energetic and destructive boys to keep up with.  Something's got to keep me going.

You can do this too.  You just have to make the decision to start.  Get up one morning and just do it.  And do it until you can't anymore.  I know there are woman out there that work hard, try to eat right, and do a little exercise from time to time and still can't keep the weight off.  I truly believe it has to do with how you were made, what genes you were blessed with.  One of these components alone will not work for everyone.  You have to put this stuff together and apply yourself for you and you alone.  No diet or pill or surgery is going to give you lasting, healthy results such as getting up and moving and paying attention to what you are eating.  That's the key, folks.  Stop wasting energy trying to find an easier, faster, magical way.  Don't make it hard and stop making excuses. 

Need someone to help you get there?  I've got the people.  If you're in the Kansas City area I've got two great resources for you.  If you are interested email me or leave a comment below.  I'll hook you up.

I feel I need to say something about not being paid and the people at Insanity have no idea who I am.  These are my thoughts and my thoughts alone.

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  1. That's what I want- my thighs to stop jiggling. I don't have a ton of weight to lose, but I need to firm up.



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