Thursday, February 9, 2012

Little Mr. - Wyatt the Hyper Hypo

There are little things/moments I share with my boys. Most of them insignificant for a “big” memory, but that is exactly what makes them so special to me. They are all about us being us.  These little snippets of our lives are so precious to me and things I don’t want to forget, but someday I know I will. I want these little stories to come back to. Especially when they reach their teen to adult years and want to claim that we never did anything really special together. You know how teens can be. I plan to share one of these every Thursday.  They may be short or long or funny or cry worthy, some will include pictures, some won't, but they are all special to me.

So leave it to me to start something and completely forgot I did!  Hopefully I'll remember going forward.

The night of Weston's birthday party I was preparing cupcakes before hand.  Wyatt, of course, was licking the spatula I used to spread some of the icing.  He had chocolate all over his face even on his neck.  The night before we bought the boys bicycle helmets.  So, he undoubtedly had his bike helmet on and the chin strap latched snug. 

He stood there in the corner of the living room right under the light with a huge grin amongst all of the chocolate on his face.  I couldn't help but picture Mike Myers from SNL doing the Hyper Hypo scene.  I started to laugh.  His grin got wider and he asked me what was so funny. 

As I bent down to talk to him and explain why I was laughing so hysterically I couldn't help but realize just how grown up he was getting.  As I'm on my knees I have to look up to see those beautiful blue eyes. 

"There is a show me and daddy sometimes watch.  A long time ago they had this hyper hypo kid...."  I went on to explain the story and share this memory with him.  I even physically acted like I was the one in the helmet attached to the playground.  It was hysterical and we both had sore faces and bellies from laughing so hard. 

It was the first time I shared one of my memories with him where it felt like I was talking to a friend.  It certainly felt like I was laughing with a friend.  It gave me a warm feeling inside and a little bit of reassurance that one day, when we are supposed to be friends, we will be. 

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  1. So sweet- and shows how much he's growing up!



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