Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My Birthday

My birthday?  Full of love. 

In 32 years I've learned that relationships matter and what I put into those relationships is worth it.  I've learned that righting your wrongs and having a backbone are important.  I've learned that, still at this point in my life,  screwing something up/disappointing someone crushes my spirit.  I've learned that the love from my husband, just his presence around me, his smile, him playing with our kids, is enough to turn my day around no matter how shitty it was.  I've learned that you can call friends your family and love them deeper than some that share your blood.  I've learned that 3 little boys gathering around strawberry homemade cupcakes with tiny toothed smiles is what makes that video start recording in my mind as they sing Happy Birthday to their mommy.  I've learned that looking at each of their faces from the swirl in their cowlicks to the dimple in their chins that I'm living the life I've always dreamed of living.  I've learned that I can light some one's eyes and that many can light mine.  I've learned that I need God because things are too hard, somethings don't make sense, some love is unexplainable, and forgiveness is needed.  I've learned that I am blessed, I am loved, and I finally feel complete. 

Thank you so much to all of you that made my day so completely special.  Your cards, emails, messages, texts, they all mean the world to me. 

Dale did surprise me with pink homemade strawberry cupcakes, filled my closet with balloons, and delivered a sweet card.  He had a day full of sledding with his boys, that I'm a bit jealous of, but really happy that they had the day together.  We went out to dinner when I got home then I was serenaded with love right before I blew out my candles.  After the boys crammed cupcakes in their mouths right before bedtime they stuffed balloons up their shirt and ran around my bedroom screaming about the boobs they had.  Weston joined the fun.  Pics to follow.  It was a great day full of nearly overwhelming love.

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  1. super memories, right there! I think having a birthday with kids is way better than before. They are so excited for birthdays (!!)



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