Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Picture day

I've been really bad about getting professional pictures of Weston.  So, last Saturday was picture day.  My boys have always been angels for pictures.  I get the best prints from them and have a hard time deciding which ones to get and how much to spend.  So, as Saturday rolled around I didn't even have a second thought about how the pictures would go. 

***Deep heavy sigh***

We get there and get ready to do the group shot of the boys with their cousin, Will.  Weston isn't having it.  Arch his back and cry kind of not having it. 

We take a break and I feed him a snack while Will gets his pics done.  Things should be all good now after daddy walked him around a bit and they found this ball that lights up that made him smile.

We bring him back into the picture room and he still isn't having it.  Now he wants to throw and chase the ball and if he isn't doing that he wants to arch his back and cry. 

I was sweating.  I was pissed.  It took me 3 days to get over the incident.  Just ask Dale.  Or don't, please?!

It was a nightmare and we will reschedule as soon as that sweet little precious Wessy Wes face decides to show up at our house again. 

I think it is the 3 teeth trying to come in and not that he is turning into a devil child at just 12 months.  He also tries to rip his testicles off every time I take his diaper off.  Maybe he has something going on down there too.  We go to the doctor tomorrow.  Fingers crossed that it is something that can be treated and I didn't spawn a hissing demon.

So, until I reschedule and get some decent pics and the chaffing on his face clears up from all the drool, please chuckle along with me and the ridiculousness of these photos!



  1. I had to giggle! It's so hard to get decent pics of multiple kids. And your poor little guy... Maybe he'll be happier next time around. :(

  2. um.
    rip his testicles off? I'm so sorry - but I totally laughed at that.

    the pics are cute, though. i know you're used to amazing pics, but it's just one day. you'll get a better day soon, i promise!



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