Thursday, January 26, 2012

Little Mr. Series - 1st kiss

There are little things/moments I share with my boys. Most of them insignificant for a “big” memory, but that is exactly what makes them so special to me. This morning after a good relaxing recovery workout these little memories were running through my head. As I rushed through a shower I decided I would just start blogging them. They are so precious to me and things I don’t want to forget, but someday I know I will. I want these little snippets to come back to. Especially when they reach their teen to adult years and want to claim that we never did anything really special together. You know how teens can be. I want these for proof. I’ll pull up my blog and say, “I beg to differ little Mr.!”

So, I’m thinking on Thursday’s I’ll share them here. Mainly for me, but feel free to enjoy them too. Some may be short some may be long.  I assure you that some will be funny, but all of them are special to me.

This morning I entered Weston's room like I do every weekday morning.  Turned off his fan, turned on his closet light, and grabbed a diaper.  He was already sitting up with his hands stretched out ready to be picked up and snuggled.  In routine he offered his cheek to me for squishy kisses.  I kissed it several times as I do every time I lift his heavy little baby body to mine.  I headed to the changing table my arm bearing his tired body. He had his usual bed head and swollen eyes.  As I stood holding him at the end of the table in his red and blue footed jammies I pulled his binky out of his mouth and asked for a kiss. This 366 day old boy puckered up his lips and leaned in to kiss me for real for the very first time. His plump little lips fit so perfectly to mine.  It may not happen again for another 365 days, but I will take it. It was Melt.My.Heart good! What a perfect way to start my day!


  1. these times go by so fast! I am beginning to get sentimental in my mid life and am missing those crazy days..maybe...sometimes..
    i am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.

  2. Oh my...yes. The first sweet kisses are the best. My eldest would come at me full force with mouth wide open (I made sure to fix that! His future gf's will have me to thank) but my little one...he's always puckered right up. Sweet little rosebud mouth! Ooooooo so cute!



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