Wednesday, January 25, 2012

My baby is 1

365 days.  It seems like such a big number.  The amount of growing you did in those days was phenomenal.  The amount of joy you have brought to our lives was so much more.

This day is bittersweet.  It is a day that brought us a ton of joy.  You came at a time when our lives were flipped upside down.  Everything that we knew and were used to was thrown into a blender and pureed.  That's what it felt like.  The silver lining was you. 

You were a surprise to us.  A little gift from God when He knew we would need you the most.  The highlight of our darkest days. 

But your timing doesn't define you.  It's not what you are all about.  You are about smiles, and craziness, and yelling "da" just to get some one's attention flashing that ornery smile in return.

You're about sleeping well and not missing your bed time.  You're about destroying and making it known where your path had led.  You're about climbing and playing and loving your baths.  You're about walking before you turn 1.  Slow, concentrated, balanced steps.  I love watching you practice and practice and I love the joy you get out of it.

Your energy level is amazing. You could go from being so tired and content, but the second you hear your brothers you hop up like you were never down. You live to be by them. To play with them. To laugh with them.

It's not like you are just the annoying little brother. They have more love for you than I have seen out of them. You are the first person they want to see. You are beyond excited if their heads are the first to come through your door.

You're not scared of them. You're not intimidated. You don't have to make your place in this family just because you were the last to come along. Your place has been here waiting for you to complete the puzzle. You fit right into the craziness and add your own.

They say things like, "I'm so happy we have Weston". They miss you when you are away and kiss your head when they see you again. They have to tell you goodnight every night.

You are amazing little man. I am so grateful I took full advantage of our time together before I had to go back to work. I will never forget it. Right now you hate affection unless you're in just the right mood, but I long for the day that side of you comes back and I know it will. You bring so many smiles to our face and we are overjoyed that you're here making your way in this life and are so much of a staple to ours. 

You've made our lives complete.

 Happy Birthday beautiful boy! We love you so, so much.


  1. Whoa. That's a lot of little boys! Happy birthday Weston. P.S. Justin is standing next to me and he loved that last photo.

  2. Yes, it is masculine around here! Glad he liked it!



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