Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Could there BE anymore perfects?

I almost forgot his backpack and his change of clothes. 

Write his name on his folder and on the inside of his bag. 
Underwear, he needs underwear with that extra change of clothes.

It's perfect outside.  70 degrees with a few puffy clouds perfectly dotted in the sky.  The sun warming my back.  It's a perfect day.  A day when I decided to work from home so I could be the one taking him on his first day and picking him up to hear all about it. 

He waited at the door at the babysitters until I pulled up. 11:50 on the dot.
His smile couldn't BE any bigger.


He greeted me with one of the biggest hugs and never broke the smile on his face. 

"How excited are you?"

He couldn't put enough supers in his response.  "Even more excited than Spiderman!" I'm not really sure how excited Spiderman gets, but he's got nothin on Wyatt today.

"Can I take your picture when we get there before you go in?"

He rushed me out of the car.  "We've got no time to fool around!  Is right here ok?"


That's perfect, buddy!  PERFECT!

Keep it together

We took the folder with the perfectly written name on it out of his bag and into the basket.  We hung his backpack up right under his name.

"Ok, give mom a kiss and a hug and we will get started"

Oh my gosh, keep it together

One huge kiss on his shining teeth because he has yet to let that smile fade and a hug bigger than the one above.  

"Good luck, sweetie!  Have an awesome time!  I'll see you at 3."

I walked away after a few thousand look backs and bye, buds.  I did it!  He did it! We did it!  It had me by the throat, right there on the verge ready to go, but we did it.  
I'm so proud, sad, and happy at the same time.
I'm a perfectly composed mess on a perfect day. 


  1. AH! You had me in tears. I'm not sure I'll be able to handle the first day as well as you in a year from now. Good job to you! What a happy and handsome little dude.

  2. You are such a great writer T! You captured this picture with words so perfectly...yet again!

  3. Hey Tayarra :D
    Your Writing Is So Amazing.
    Its So Full Of Emotion and It Captures Every Moment.
    You Should Do More With This...
    Lol. Just Saying.
    Miss You :D And Love You!
    Say Hi For Me.
    ~ HannahKLyn~

  4. Aw, such a big day!

    And everytime I come to your site(have I told you this or just thought it?) I see your shirt in the header and have this in my head: I have that shirt in pink. I love that shirt. I wonder where I put it. And I like it better in purple.

    Yes, I'm random. ;)

  5. *Sigh*

    Such a big day, isn't it?

    Happy first day to both of you!

    {Sob, sniffle}

  6. Awww. So cute. I am so happy that he was so excited. Cute story.

  7. What a perfect description of the day. I don't know who I am more proud of, him or you for keeping it together. :)



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