Wednesday, September 14, 2011

WW - Summer, I will miss you!

As the cold, grey weather sets in for the day I find myself getting a little bit down.  I love warmer weather and the thought of the bone chilling cold makes me want to through the kind of fits Waylon has been throwing lately.  Geeze, where does he get that?!  It's 62 degrees out and I want to run home and dig out my big comfy blankets for the night and not leave the house.  But, we are enthralled in Football season, both my husband and my son, so I'm going to have to get my big girl pants on and hunker down. 

Ah, long summer nights how I will miss you.  You and your beautiful, warm sunsets. 

The glow you put on the boy's back right before you wink goodbye for the night.

The energy you absorb before bath time and brushing teeth.

I will anxiously await your return.

When we can play in the fresh cut grass and listen to your buzzing sounds.

We will miss you, Summer!

While these days are ending we have been busy.  As I mentioned, Football is in full swing.  

We are busy running into barbed wire fences. 


And growing up babies.


Sharing chores like feeding the messy one that doesn't really care for veggies.

Going to PreSchool.  Shaving off mohawks.

Learning new things.

Getting into trouble.

Watching Sandlot a billion times.

Refinancing our house and building a shop.

Buying more land.

Crossing our fingers in hopes our paid for cars last at least another year.

Supporting our friends.

Loving our kids.

And changing our minds.  Turns out being a big boy who pees in the toilet is NOT a cool thing to do. 


  1. I hope he changes his mind back to thinking it is cool.

  2. Oh my. Looks like a great summer. Love that last photo.

  3. I know, I know. I sob-n-sniffle as I say good bye to summer!

    Gorgeous photos!

  4. Right there with ya mama! I am trying hard to embrace the cooler temps and falling leaves, but sighing as I say it. Great shot of your little ones being boys (minus the barbed wire encounter). Thanks so much for the WW visit! Hope you're havin a fab weekend with the fam.



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