Monday, February 21, 2011


I've been unplugged from the computer. If it wasn't for my phone I wouldn't be on the internet at all.  The little thing taking all my time?  This little man.

We cuddle. We sleep. We eat. I change his diaper. Sometimes we take baths. But most of the time we cuddle and sleep and eat.

The house?  It's dirtier than it has been in 6 months. The dishes don't get done as often.

The boy's room?  It hasn't been picked up in some time. I think they prefer it that way.

Laundry?  It gets done when it HAS to get done.

The boys?  They are silly. Sometimes trying, but always in love with their new baby brother. They go to the babysitters like normal. We want to keep their routine and Weston deserves his time just like they each had. I think they have more fun there anyway.

I'm trying to soak this time up as much as possible. I know it won't be like this for long and the days are already going by way too quickly!

Weston is doing well. He is on a mostly 3 hour schedule.  Sometimes he will push it to 4. Sometimes he tries to shorten it. I've only given in once. He sleeps pretty well. I think he would sleep even better if I gave him a bottle before bed instead of nursing. I don't think he eats much before falling asleep.  
We have gone through a LOT of diapers and wipes. I'm glad he is healthy, but we could handle a little less poop!!  That goes for Waylon too, Mr. Not Interested In Potty Training Whatsoever!!!  Thank goodness Dale helps with diapers and everything else around here!  I love him!   Things are good, y'all!

Things are good!!


  1. What a beauty! I remember those days of little sleep and many feedings. It sounds like your little one is better sleeper than JDaniel was.

  2. unplugged from the computer means being more present in real life! A good thing! :) Good for you for soaking it all up!

  3. So sweet. :) I love it.

  4. What a sweetie pie!

    I can sure relate to you. I have two boys and a little one on the way as well... a little girl that we will get to meet in three weeks. I can't wait!



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