Friday, February 18, 2011

It was a migraine

I think you have all heard the story by now about the reporter that lost her words while on live TV. I finally feel validated and like I'm not some crazy chic. I told Dale as we were listening to the story on the radio Monday night that what she had sounds exactly like the few migrains I have had. I wrote about the last one back in 2009.

It is a really scary thing to go through. Loss of vision. Loss of speech. Numbness in your arms. Passing out, ect.  Add that to going 70 miles an hour down the interstate and hitting the car in front of you.  Um, yeah!  Scary!!

When you think of a migraine you think pain. These don't start off with pain for me. Mine starts with the vision. While I was pregnant with Weston I had one start. Now that I know what they are I know how to try to get rid of them. Relaxation is the biggest thing for me.

It sucks that she had to go through this and the world got to witness it, but I finally feel validation from all of it. She was on a talk show today giving her side and what the doctors and specialists thought. Turns out she experienced the same kind of migraine I have had, which is known as a complicated migraine, which mimics a stroke but without the damage of a stroke.

The best way to treat them is to recognize what causes them. Mine is stress. Sometimes getting a glimpse of extremely bright light will kick off the vision aura for me. If I sit down and rest my eyes I can usually get rid of it without medication.

These are not fun to experience and I don't wish them on anyone, but I'm glad the word is getting out and the answers are in line with what my doctors and specialists thought. Anyone else out there experience these types of migraines?  Or these auras?  I'd be interested to hear your story.

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  1. This sounds scary T. Thanks for posting this. I didn't catch the full story tonight when I was listening to it on the treadmill. Hope you are doing well!



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