Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Meet Weston Bill Sharp

I have a 3 week old!  Our lives have changed again.

He's amazing!

Actually, I have a 4 year old, a 2 year old, and a 3 week old!  Yes, my hands are full and they were full before.  Most of the time it is a great feeling.  Sometimes it is hectic and overwhelming!  But, I am so thankful!


 They are amazing and proud!

 I don't think he can smile any bigger.  He was the first one to the bed to see his new baby brother when they got to the hospital.  He was so excited.  He was all grown up and looked like he aged 2 years since I saw him the night before.  My baby wasn't my little baby anymore.  He is a big brother now and no kidding started calling me "Mom".   Wyatt doesn't even call me Mom yet.  He still calls me Mommy.

Wyatt can't wait til he grows up and grows muscles and teeth just like him.

Dreamy smiles.

 Thanks to Aunt Chillone for this adorable little hat!

Super soft brand new skin.  Lots of changing diapers.

Adoring big brothers.  Tons of kisses.

The boys?  They LOVE him. They can't give him enough kisses.  Wyatt is constantly asking how the baby is doing. He notices when he is "all dressed up and smelling good" and he never forgets to tell him goodbye in the morning too.  They love to get his binki and throw away the diapers and tell me how gross his diapers smell.  I love hearing "Weston" from their lips.  It has to be one of the sweetest sounds ever.

One proud daddy.

One proud, tired, trying to get into a routine mommy!  Actually I'm not all that tired.  Or it's a different kind of tired, or something like that. 

Our newest baby boy came into the world early on Tuesday, January 25th. 

I went in with contractions 7 to 10 minutes apart.  They weren't painful, but consistent and I knew once they became painful most likely it would go quick. 

So we ate dinner, had my parents come pick up the boys, packed the remaining things into the bag and loaded up the car while making all the appropriate contacts.  I was hoping it wasn't a false alarm.  How silly I would have felt!!  My contractions were getting a little more intense but still not painful.  I went to the dr earlier that day.  I was still at a 3 and had felt pretty awful all day.  We scheduled my induction for his due date, which wasn't needed, but maybe it was the final push to get this guy in gear. 

That day was the last day my dr would be on call until the 1st of February.  I was a little bummed about that.  I really wanted her to be the one to deliver him as she did Waylon.  I love my doctor and I love her nurses.  I can't say enough about them!  I know I am super blessed to have them. 

So, I went in and got checked just before 10pm, still no change and I was getting a little embarrassed that I might just have been experiencing a false alarm.  So I laid there on the monitors for an hour.  I would be sent home at the end of the hour if I showed no change.  Thankfully nurse Vegas (she was from Vegas and talked non stop about it) said I had changed to a 4 so admitted I was.  Still no pain and it was getting late.  Nurse Vegas called my doctor and she pretty much told her to find any excuse to keep me, but she didn't have to.  We moved into a room, my mom showed up and we waited.  I moved to a 6 and still no pain with the contractions.  I was doing good and this is the way I wanted things, but then I was tempted with, "we can give you the epidural, a little shot of pitocin, break your water and get you pushing."  Um, ok, let's do it.  So, the epidural came and then the pitocin and a lot of contractions.  Then the pitocin had to be taken off because I wasn't relaxing in between the contractions.  Not sure how I wasn't relaxing in my short cat naps.  Then his heartbeat started dropping at the end of my contractions so on came the oxygen.

Many, many checks in between and we were coming up on 5am.  My water broke at 5:20 am as I was being checked.  I had an anterior lip which Nurse Vegas was confusing with me not being fully dilated.  My doctor just happened to show up before her shift ended because she wanted to see how I was doing. She thought she would have gotten the call before then and I would have had the baby.  So, she showed up in her adorable little running outfit and checked me.  She saw what was going on and asked me to push to see if I could push by it.  I easily could so the room was transformed and we were ready to have the baby.

See any resemblance here?

Once we were ready it only took one and a half pushes and our little guy was here.  I had to ask the nurse if that was it.  I'm not exaggerating at all.  I don't think it could go any easier than that.  No repairs!  I felt great and was able to focus all of my attention on our new little guy.  He was adorable and pink and sounded great.  Mom and Dale said he looked a lot like Wyatt.  I think so too.  He favors him a lot. He also is his daddy's little twin.  I think it is mostly the hair that makes them look so much alike.  I love his hair!  It is perfect like he had a little hair cut to trim up before his big arrival.  We only had one problem, he still didn't have a name.  Weston was not ever on our list of names to choose from.  We were pretty sure we weren't going with another "W" name, but Dale mentioned it and it just seemed to fit.  I happen to really like it.  Bill is after my dad and Dale's dad.  I did not like having him on my chest nameless though!  I wanted to call him by his name and I didn't have one to use.  It was awful!

He's healthy.  He's beautiful.  And he is LOVED!  We are so happy he is here.

I have a feeling you might be hearing a lot about him.  For now he is calling my name!  Gotta go!


  1. Oh this is so great!!!! Congrats!! I have been thinking of you! & I LOVE how you used Bill as his middle name! How special! Can't wait for lots more pictures of your beautiful family!

  2. oh, that is fantastic....he is so cute.
    Love that pic of you and all your boys together, so sweet. and the one with his sleeping daddy...awww.

  3. Congratulations!! I love the name, and I think it fits perfect. Enjoy your newest little one.

  4. Beautiful! You were made to have babies! :) Thanks for sharing T! xo

  5. So wonderful. I was pretty sure you had him. I kept checking your site. So happy for you. Sounds like a great delivery.

  6. By the way he is adorable! Love his name. Weston was on my list. :)

  7. So exciting! He is absolutely gorgeous. I'm so happy for you and your family!

  8. XOXOXO. Such adorable photo collages - such amazing memories captured already!

  9. Congrats Tayarra! I'm so behind but he's so preciously beautiful. You are so blessed my friend. Hope you are all doing well. Hugs!



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