Friday, January 21, 2011

Close to flippin crap off

This day could really use a kick in the rear!  It needs to get better real quick!  I woke up this morning to my dog laying in my closet happily napping after he ate close to my entire collection of underwear.  I think I might have shed a tear over it, but I would never admit that.  Especially after seeing that he ate 3 brand spanking new pair that weren't exactly cheap. Why???? Oh, why is he such an idiot?

Is it partly my fault? I guess, yes.  I left my closet door open one time and he thinks the bank vault is open just for him.  I knew of his dirty little obsession. That's why I leave my door closed so he can't access my things!  Then I elbowed myself right in the sweet spot of my knee as I was cleaning up his mess.  Did I mention this all happened at 5 AM!!!!  I was NOT a happy camper and he soon realized how bitterly cold it was outside this morning. 

I used to be a dog lover, I really did.  But this guy has almost brought me to the point of never wanting to have another animal again.  That's a big statement for me! 

At least the boys were in really sweet moods this morning.  That or they could really sense my dislike for the morning.  Wyatt greeted me with a big, "Mommy......... I love you!"  and Waylon was super sweet and asking for extra hugs.  At least I have that under my belt for the day. 

Dale is sick with a sore throat as I was the last two days, but you know how much worse his is!  I really hope he feels better soon!

And HOPEFULLY lastly.... the roads are clear people!  You are welcome to drive AT LEAST the speed limit!  AT LEAST!  And if you don't quite feel like driving AT LEAST the speed limit, GET YOUR ASS OVER! 


  1. Oh my!!! How awful!! Sounds like you need to relax in a hot bath!

  2. Hope your day gets better. Hope you have a great weekend.

  3. sounds like a doozy. hope things are lookin up over in your neck of the woods.

  4. ughhhhh! undies! i would have been peeved too! hope you had a better day today!:)



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