Monday, November 1, 2010

Birthday/Halloween/Our weekend in pictures

Wow!  What a weekend jam packed full of fun and memories!  We are feeling it today!  It was a nice quiet night at home to celebrate Waylon's actual birthday.  We chilled out and carved pumpkins.  I don't think I like carving pumpkins!  I will gladly hand that duty over to Dale and I think I will just take pictures next year. 

Waylon in Wyatt's "supposed to be" Halloween mask.  Waylon will say that something scares him and then he will roar at it basically telling it that it is nothing.  This boy really has no fear unless some stranger tries to take him out of my arms.

He dove in before his brother would! 

 Sponge Bob and Patrick - I am not artistic!!!

 "Wooks pwetty good"

 Daddy's creation

Why is it so hard to take pictures of lit pumpkins?

Saturday...the day of the party...

 Waylon was sick of waiting to eat one of these so he wondered into the kitchen while everyone else was in the living room and grabbed him one.  Then he stole the eyeballs off of a lot more of them.

 Love these things.  And they tasted good too!

 Present time

 The boys loved this present.  See it in Wyatt's face!  This was matching bedding for their bunk beds with big sport ball pillows.

Saturday was THE perfect day for a weeny roast!!  We took full advantage!

Stop looking so freakin grown up already!  Would ya?!

 They could have done this for hours.  Running, jumping, laughing, spitting out leaves, REPEAT!

 SLOW roasted weenies!

 Dale was showing him a snake he had killed earlier.  I love how Waylon is holding onto his brother's arm!


 This is my favorite picture from the day.  He just couldn't wait to eat that cake.  He did this all on his own.  I was just lucky enough to click at the right time! 

Big brother love for his best bud!  So sweet!  He was telling him he did such a good job blowing out his candles.

Mr Can't Smile for a Picture Any Longer Silly Faced Every Time Wyatt!

See!  And that shirt was brand spankin new and will never be white again : (!

Marcus will not be left out of the fun!  He is looking so much better and getting pretty fat again too!

My Ma and Pa!  Thanks for the picture Wyatt!  Maybe Wyatt gets his picture faces from his PaPa!

Seriously, stop growing up! 

More brotherly love around the fire!

Dirty and TIRED!!!

2nd wind.  Daddy got his "bike" put together. He couldn't reach the peddles... so we thought...

Who needs a seat!  He figured out how to make it work all by himself.  No one will ruin his birthday fun with disappointments!

Wyatt hopped on to help him out.  There was plenty of room and yes, they are wearing Christmas pj's.  Close enough!

Onto Halloween.  These pics were taken when we were making final decisions on costumes.  Wyatt insisted on being the same Optimus Prime as last year, so look down a couple of posts to see him.  Waylon was a chicken!  I ended up leaving my camera at home on accident and we got ready at my mom and dad's, but the night was great and adorable.  Wyatt and his cousin Connor ran ahead to all of the houses yelling Trick or Treat, I am a transformer, and Thank You!  Happy Halloween!

Waylon hung back with us not bawking a peep!  Then he would make his way up to the door and stand as still as possible not saying a word or even holding his bag out.  Then he would turn around and walk right back to us stone faced.  A few times he told me he was having fun and a few times he stopped and stared at all the pumpkins.  His favorite house... the scariest one there was.  I had to drag him away from it as he roared at all of the scary stuff.

We had a blast!

Waylon, I mean a Chicken, I mean a Transformer!

Oh no, it's a chicken and the cutest stinkin chicken I have ever seen. 

He flew and tweeted and RRROOAARRRed!  Some really thought he was a girl.

Seriously cute!  He was the hit of the night for Trick or Treating.  Everyone was calling their family to the door to see him!  Melt a momma's heart, would ya!!! 

 Me and my guys!  I love them so stinkin much!!! Silly faces and all!

I hope your Halloween was a hit as well!


  1. Oh wow it looks like an awesome weekend for everyone! And I'm stealing the cupcake idea for Bitty's birthday party next year. Yes, I already picked the theme, itsy bitsy spider.

  2. Looks like a great weekend. Love your jack'o lanterns. Great photos.

  3. Oh my gosh. That was one full weekend for sure. Love the pics. Those jack o lanterns were awesome. Did you use a template? Your party looked to be a success and your leaf pics were great too. I especially loved the chicken transformer. Gotta love kids. Whew. I'm tired just reading all this. You need to have yourself a day at the spa now.



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