Friday, October 29, 2010

Happy Birthday Waylon!

It was two years ago today that our saving grace entered the world in this way.  Our lives have truly never been the same.  He has brought so much to our family.  It makes me even more excited to see what the newest little guy will bring.  Just when we thought we were maxed out on the love! 

Yesterday was kind of special.  I had a check up with the dr.  My mom went along so we decided to take the boys.  The dr hadn't seen Waylon since she held him for the 1st time two years ago when I had him.  Kind of cool!  He gave her the sweetest smile.  Usually he isn't very friendly to "strangers."  He must have known she was a pretty special person in our lives!  He even straightened up when she walked into the room from his ever so two year old behavior.

Two years ago I thought the waiting would never end and that boy would be planted in my belly forever.  But he came and has been such a blessing. 

My angel as he slept last night!

He loves his silky blankets!

Yes, I sat there and stared at him for awhile. Those eyelashes and those crossed fingers.  MMMM!  What a blessing we have on our hands!  He took a shower last night, yes, a shower!  He was just standing there in the warm water letting it run over his head and over his plump belly.  He didn't want to get out either!  I just couldn't get over what a big boy he looked like, such a bittersweet moment!  Where in the world have these two years gone?  I can hardly picture him as a baby anymore.  Thank goodness for this blog!  Now I want to cry.

When I look at Wyatt I think the very same thing.  How was he ever a baby at one time?  I think this last guy is going to be spoiled beyond belief as I really try to slow down and soak in those precious baby moments!  Even the middle of the night feedings and crying spells!  Remind me of that in a few months, ok?!

His party is on Saturday where these little things will hatch out and crawl all over the kitchen table.  I can't wait.  Thanks for the help, Mom and Wyatt!!  And thanks to Alicia for the inspiration!  They turned out better than expected and I'm sure they will taste even better!! 

Man, I can't wait to get a really good camera.  I'm not doing these much justice!

Happy Halloween, All!!!


  1. Happy Birthday Waylon!

    Those cupcakes are so cute!

  2. Yah!!!!! Those are adorable. So glad my turantulas turned out to be inspiring. Haha. That was a beautiful post. And you are such a wonderful mama.

  3. Stopping over from the Wednesday blog hops but loving the rest of your posts...especially the spider cupcakes. Looks as if they were a hit.



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