Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Wordless Wednesday - Halloween looking back

We brought Waylon home on his 1st ever Halloween as a little pumpkin that soon turned into a Tiger.

I remember my little pumpkin looking much cuter than that.

It doesn't look like he was a happy little Tiger!

2008 - A week before we brought his new little brother home. 

2008 - with mommy and daddy in the hospital.  My parents had to take him trick or treating as Wyatt Earp.

Getting ready for his birthday invite!

2009 - Our Tiger turned into a Lion a year later, but was actually a skeleton for trick or treating.

2009 - His 1st birthday and 2nd Halloween

2009 - Wyatt - a rockin Optimus Prime.  Dale - a MJ fan.  Connor - Thomas

 2009 - Our skeleton crew!

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  1. Too cute! I love all of their costumes, especially the Wyatt Earp one. The faux stubble is hilarious! :)

    Kristi, Live and Love...Out Loud

  2. So fun to look back. How fast time goes. Was Waylon born on Halloween? And when is your due date with this one?

  3. How cute! So fun!

  4. Seriously, you have the cutest pair of boys I've laid eyes on. And pretty soon you'll have the cutest trifecta around!

  5. I love looking back at the Halloween costumes over the years! So much fun and your guys are so cute!



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