Tuesday, October 26, 2010

"Oh, Hello!"

Here is a little glimpse of the boys in action last night while I was cooking dinner.  It was another single mom night for me since Dale had his last jv football game.  Woot!  And they won, Woot! Woot! And we got left over bbq that one of the parents had catered, Woot! Woot! A Woot!  No cooking for me tonight!

We had a good time and got to watch DWTS, so you know, it was good!  Waylon was in a great mood and I don't even think he threw his regular "just got home" fit.  That was a blessing!

You can see the evidence here about Waylon's little jabber conversations.  I provoked it, but it is the same anyway.  Wyatt is just too funny.  He loves watching himself right now.  Yes, I pick my battles with the boys or I would be saying, "Don't", "Stop", "Do you want me to..." constantly.  So, yes, they are standing on the island and climbing as well and hitting the lights.  All things they aren't supposed to be doing.

Anyway, enjoy your glimpse into my real life! 


  1. I looooove your video! I had it on while i was cleaning my room and getting dressed this morning and it made me smile! Wish you lived closer. I'm starting to regret not making it work to see you when I was in KC. :( Your kids are adorable! I love "Get your foot out of our dinner!" and how Wyatt says that he eats his food like a good boy but Waylon throws his in the water. ? :)

  2. Don't you love when kids are cute? So on Friday? I'm 2 again, too :)

  3. How cute!!! What sweet boys. My three year old is forever climbing the kitchen cabinets, the table...you name it, she tries climbing it.

    The 'get your food out of our dinner' had me rollin'. lol.

  4. Oh my goodness, your boys are so darn cute. I miss hearing "little" voices in my house. Mine are pre-teen and teen, so enjoy them while they are small because they grow up fast.

    Thanks for dropping by and saying hi!

  5. B and I really enjoyed watching this video. Aren't they just two peas in a pod? Too too cute. I could squeeze Waylon's little cheeks and that laugh Wyatt has is to die for. Thanks for sharing!



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