Monday, October 25, 2010


Friday this not so little guy turns two! 

Wyatt asked this weekend while we were buying his present if Waylon's birthday has started.  It's not just a one day event around these parts.  This not so little guy that came howling into our lives on a beautiful October day, he has changed our lives forever.

He has made us a family of four.  He has made his brother a big brother.  He has gripped my heart so tight, words can't express. 

Looking through pictures of the last 2 years has made my eyes fill with tears of happy beautiful times with him.  What we would do without him we just don't know. 

This not so little guy is a momma's boy truly and his brother's biggest fan even if he doesn't want to admit it sometimes.  And he loves his daddy like no other.  It breaks his heart when daddy leaves the house and he isn't in tow.  He is in love with little Addison at the babysitters.  He loves her so much he gives her love bites.  They play so well together then he bites her and then they are in love again.  Weird! 

He is tough as nails and more stubborn than all get out! He is the lover of babies, and puppies, and kitties, and big roaring dinosaurs. He doesn't like spiders, snakes, or bugs. They make him spit, and stomp them, and he says he will throw them in the water. He throws everything in the water he doesn't care for including some of my cooking : )!

He makes my heart swell. 

He jabbers like you wouldn't believe and if he has nothing "real" to say you can tell by him starting off with "Sooooo," and then a completely long run on jabber sentence ensues.  He has no fear holding his own.  He loves football!  Daily I'm asked if he can go to the football game.  I wish you could hear the way he asks it.  I haven't decided if we have a running back or a defensive lineman on our hands.  We definitely don't have a kicker!  That one is still growing in my belly.  Wyatt has the QB position all tied up.  In case you were wondering.

This may be a baseball helmet to you, but it is a football helmet to him when worn this way.  Don't try to tell him any different or put it on the right way.

His smile is heartwarming and his love is breathtaking.  He's a prayer, a teaser, a blamer, and a fruit and veggie eater.  He eats lemons like they are gummy snacks. 

He gives the best hugs and kisses and sings the best songs.  Undo It by Carrie Underwood is one of his favs!  Don't know why, but it is catchy to him and he will sing along every time.  He's a cowboy and loves riding horses. He's got the pouty face down pat. 

His hair is unruly.  His teeth have perfect gaps.  His cheeks are kissably soft.  His eyes are envious and the little chub in his thighs is undeniably adorable even now. 

 He is as handsome as he can be.  People just love to comment about him. 

He loves to wake up and say, "Mommy, it is morning time!"


He is amazing.  He is my love.  My little Nayners now and forever!  I love you with all I have Nayner pants!  I wish you the best birthday week yet.  I love you soooooo much!


  1. I just love this post! Waylon is so stinken cute!! I hope his birthday is just as sweet as him!

  2. Beautiful tribute to your little man! Awesome! He is so blessed with you as a mother!

  3. I love this. So sweet. He is so cute. Wonderful post.

  4. I'm sure he will treasure these words you wrote to him one day!! Love the pictures!
    Big Fat Mama



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