Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Sharing my smiles

It's that time of the month again, no not that time, for me anyway, it is Project Smile time.  Lish over at A Beautiful Mess is continuing her journey to find smiles when the world is trying to distract us from them.  Let's all be honest and join together in agreeing that sometimes life sucks.  BUT, there is a lot to be said about how we deal and cope with those times.  Do we find our smiles?  Search for them?  Ache for them? Or do we simply let them pass us by until our minds have thought of them no more? 

Me? I search and ache for mine.  A smile on my face or the face of others can change my entire view.  Everyone out there has a story and everyone out there has a choice of how to live it!  What are you doing with yours?  And what does it mean to you?  Does it mean you are strong?  An optimist?  Lacking peripheral vision?  To me it means you are REAL and a character that sees the good and the bad and has a guiding light to get through the fog.

My October smiles:

Noticing a beautiful sunset

 A boy in his brother's cowboy boots staring out at the horses in the field with the sun setting

Watching my husband head to the store with 2 boys in tow in otherwise embarrassing dress attire.  I wonder if he took Waylon in the store with those boots on?

 Having a productive weekend baking apple crisp, making caramel apples, and cleaning the house (windows included)!

Receiving sweet comments from people who read my blog
My husband really cleaning the kitchen (not just putting the food in the refrigerator)

Coming home to a clean house

The boys getting to spend some actual time with their Grandpa Bill

Random finds on my camera

Waylon hanging on for "jus un moar" hug and kiss

Wyatt running and jumping into my arms when I pick him up and telling me how much he missed me.

Seeing my babies kiss my belly loving on their new baby brother to come.

Finding out that my sister does actually read my blog

Brotherly love

Hearing a sweet voice

Seeing a random deer in the back yard

Hearing my husband tell me I look nice out of nowhere (My husband, Dale Sharp, um, it's not like him AT. ALL! It might have been the 1st time ever)

Wyatt's love for taking pictures even if his brother is annoyed by it.

Hearing my kids pray

Seeing my kids light up a person’s face

Singing Jesus Loves Me with an almost 2 year old

Witnessing my 4 year old make good choices when the rest of the group is not.

Feeling my tiny baby kick and tumble and hearing 3 different people during a sonogram at 3 different times comment on what a little wiggler he is. (Ok so, the wiggle comments put a nervous smile on my face, but it still counts!) This one is going to be more rambunctious than my other two???!!!! Oh my!

Because they get close enough without being asked

Hearing Wyatt tell me he will think about me all day before I drop him off in the morning
My husband going shopping at the spur of the moment to buy clothes for his boys.  So sweet and believe it or not he does a great job.  He buys them matching "coaching pants, so they can wear pants just like daddy."  It makes their day!  He even gets the sizes right without asking ahead of time.

Weekend morning cuddles

Memories made - see the entire post below

A turning tree in the fall and enough leaves to lose a kid in

Support.  Love.  Forgiveness!

These are my smiles for October.  I can't believe the month is gone.  Join Alicia in November sharing your smiles!  I would love to read them.  Click on the smile above or right here to join up at the end of the month.  Or you still have time for October's!


  1. GREAT things all worthy of smiles!! My fav - your 4 year old making good choices when the others are not. I am sure that was such a proud moment!!!

  2. All of these would make me smile. I can hear how proud you are of your husband and the boys in every word you typed.

  3. awwwww...smiles everywhere :) cute kiddos, T!

  4. You make me smile T! Love this! Smiling that even though I can't seem to dig out of my mess today, I have a mess to clean up...a mess that means a house full of beautiful, busy, little people that belong to me! :) Thanks for your blog today. Just what I needed.

  5. Holy WOW! What a list. And love the presentation. Sounds like there is some heavy nesting going on over there. Happy to hear hubs has been helping too. Love the sweet pics. Thanks so much for sharing. You definitely made my day!

  6. That's a great post :) I love the little people prayers too...I hope I remember them forever.
    The boots...priceless! Thanks for sharing your smiles. They made me smile too.

  7. These are great smiles and pictures.



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