Monday, July 12, 2010

How was your weekend?

Friday seemed like such a long time ago, but the weekend still went way too fast!!! We had some guests come visit and we all had a good time.  We packed Saturday full of adventure for all of the boys.  We headed to Schlitterbahn, the new water park near KC.  It isn't complete yet, but enough and more for our little ones.  Us adults bravely slipped into our swimsuits and lathered the boys up with tons of sunscreen.  Yep, I let my belly hang out and nope, you aren't going to see a picture of that site! 

(I can't get enough of this baby face.  He had a first this weekend besides his 1st water park and carnival ride experience he actually hugged me for the 1st time.  It was the sweetest thing ever.  He gave me a kiss and threw his chubby little arms around my neck and squeezed.  I wish we would have been frozen in time in that moment, but then he grabbed my cheeks and gave me another huge kiss on the mouth.  Oh how I love him!)
Anyway, Waylon and I well, actually just me, couldn't go down the big slide so we took a little snack break while we waited for for the older boys to come back.  Can't believe I didn't get a picture of the size of that slide Wyatt was about to go down.  He was so brave and had such a good time.  Waylon is infatuated with water, so you know it was a dream come true for him there just wasn't enough rocks around to throw in the water.  The slides kept his attention though.

My handsome little men!!  Wyatt was having a good time.  It's just that we were having a break and not in the water.  I wish I would have gotten more pictures, but I have learned my lesson to keep my camera away from water.  It takes a genius, I know!

Here is Lewis hanging out to see what's next.

After a full afternoon at the water park we hit up the local carnival.  You can't pass up your hometown annual event!!!  So as tired as the boys were, we let them squeeze in a little more fun before hitting the sack WAY after bedtime!

The motorcycles.  Waylon loves to yell, "cycle, cycle"!

And their first ride all together.  So cute.  I was always the one riding rides with Wyatt.  I don't think either one of them need me anymore.  I actually think Waylon is more excited to ride these rides than his brother and Lewis.

Landyn just hangin!

And the jeeps.  This is about the only time we can get them together for a picture - when they are strapped down!  These cars and those motorcycles made the most annoying sounds ever.  I mean ever, but the kids absolutely love it, so we can suffer.   Big Lew just had to put them in a pink car though.  Not like there weren't open boy looking ones : )!

Here is a cute video of them riding the elephants together.  Sorry for the bad camera work.  I lost them for awhile, you know because of how fast those elephants fly!   That's Dale laughing beside me. 

We love weekends and vacations with the Davids' but we really missed Craig and Celinda this year!  They blew us off to have their first baby.  Whatever!    No, really she is adorable and we are so happy for them, just bummed that this is the 1st summer in about 10 years we didn't spend vacationing together.  I feel a big one coming up soon! 

Hope you all had a great weekend!

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  1. Sounds like you guys had a great weekend! :D Those cheeks are so yummy lookin'!



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