Friday, July 9, 2010

Friday Flip-offs

If you are new here this is a list of things that got my panties (I hate the word panties) in a bunch this week. I don't let things get too me for too long. I get mad and I get over it. I have found myself making reminders to note "that" for Friday just so I can remember to post them!

Thanks to Kludgymom who is the genius behind this bloghop we have a way to express and share what got under our skin during the week. We can either laugh it off or have others join in on our waiving of the middle finger! I hope you enjoy!

Guess what... no traffic ones for you all this week.  Woohoo!

To ticks - BLECH (gagging sound)  I hate you.  You are disgusting!!!!!  Pretty sure one of you was crawling on my arm in the middle of the night, but I was too out of it to really care so I brushed you off hopefully onto the floor, but who knows where the heck you are now.  Did I tell you you are disgusting - YOU ARE DISGUSTING!  Flip off big time.  Gross!  I will be washing everything and vacuuming the entire room tonight.  And STAY OFF OF MY KIDS attach to the dog where you are supposed to be.

To it being summer and me not having a tan Flip off!

To the bathroom that needs cleaned before our guests arrive.  You are gross too!  I don't want to clean you.  You will be dirty again 30 seconds later, but I will do it anyway.  Flip off!

To my house that looks like it hasn't been vacuumed in a year.  I swear I vacuumed you just last week, but with all of this in and out business you are not holding up well.  Flip off!

That's all I've got for you all.  Truth is, I have had a pretty good week!  And got all kinds of love and congrats on our recent news.  Thanks everyone, I truly appreciate it.  I will post all about it soon, promise!  AND we are so much closer to becoming debt free.  That's really going to help when we have to pay for 3 little ones in daycare.  Dale sold his truck last night, which was paid off, so we get to use that money to pay off a huge chunk of our debt!  Nothing beats that right now!  But, he has no vehicle to drive back and forth.  Guess we will be working on that soon.  Thankfully this is his last day of work at his summer job so if he needs to get around in the next few weeks he can easily find a way.  I'm rambling.  Shutting down now.  It's just so stinkin exciting to me though! 

I hope everyone has an awesome weekend!


  1. Great flips, girl! But I'm still so stoked for your pregnancy :D Congrats again and hope morning sickness treat you easy. Wishing you a fun weekend.

  2. Hi Tayarra,

    Found you through mckmama!! I probably shouldn't have added us to the blog hop so you could take us off if you want since I didn't do a to all this stuff..LOL. (I couldn't figure out how to delete ours)

    Enjoyed reading your post and hope to read lots more on this blog!!! Your boys are beautiful...I have 4 boys so I LOVE my boys!!!


  3. I second the ticks flip-off. YUCK!!

  4. Oh Tayarra,
    I SOOOO feel your pain w/ the dirty bathroom! Little boys seem to make more bathroom messes than anyone else on the entire planet! Especially when they haven't gotten aiming down yet(or sometimes more so when they can aim!)
    Also CONGRATS! on the baby news.

  5. i hear ya on the tan....i have "the pregnancy mask" it after my 3rd kid....and the sun only makes it worse, so i can NEVER lay in the sun. uuhhgg!! thanks for the happy anniv. and b.d. shouts! have a good weekend.

  6. yes....earwigs = SCARY!! and i had issues with "the mask" during and after my first son that went away in time....but with each kid (3 all together) it got worse, and now doesn't go away. and the sun brings it to the surface sort of fades in the winter, but you can still see it....but in the summer, it comes on full force. HATE IT!! there are certain cremes you can get from the dermotologist taht fades it, but i suck and applying it day and night....need to work on that. and clinique came out with a serum that is for dark spots, not sure if for "the mask"....but is supposed to "visibly reduce the appearance of dark spots"??

  7. I'd also like to flip off not having a tan in July...that really sucks, huh?!

  8. I agree with the bathrooms and floors that need to be vacuumed!
    Big Fat Mama

  9. I'm completely with you on the cleaning. As soon as it's finished it just needs to be done again! I don't have a tan either, I'm one of those people that goes red and then is pale again by morning, it sucks!

    Congrats on your news, that's fantastic :)

  10. Cleaning...never ending routine.
    Did you know that here in Casablanca people do NOT have vacuums! They hang all their sheets, blankets from the windows, balconies...oh boy. flip-off!
    Have a great weekend!


  11. ahaha awesome! THAT is why I get a spray tan when I am going somewhere I think I will be really embarassed by my celestial skin!

  12. I agree about ticks... blech. And tans are overrated. When every else has skin cancer and age spots you'll still be beautiful. Sorry I'm so late.

  13. Hi Tayarra...did I read that youre pregnant? congratulations! I am a little behind - vacation + stomach bug! I hate bugs of all kinds. Yucky!!!! and I am up to HERE with cleaning too...hang in there! Looks like you had some really good things happen this week...hope it continues!



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