Thursday, July 8, 2010

Shuttin the town down

It's not everyday that the President shuts our town down, but today he did and he is right across the street from my work.  We had a pretty good view if it wasn't for that tent being in the way.  We saw a small smidgen of him.  You'll see in the pic below. 

There were secret service everywhere and some in our building.  Snipers on the roofs of buildings.  The streets around us were completely closed off. 

The snipers - they're pretty buff!

I believe the 1st one is his car.  I lost track.  As soon as his car pulled into the tent they closed it up behind him.

His crew unloading

Just part of his motorcade

And that's him, well his shoulder, but I swear it is him.  My camera just wasn't fast enough for the small amount of time he showed himself.  He is walking through the brick doorway at the top of the picture.  He had just thrown his jacket over his other shoulder. 

So that's it.  That's my excitement for the day.  I never thought I would be that close.  I really wasn't close at all - 5 stories up and across the street, but it is closer than I thought I would ever be. 


  1. We didn't get the pres, but recently the vp came into town and it was also near my work. It made getting to the post office a bit of a nightmare! Good captures.



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