Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Sharp #3 - Details

This is my 1st pregnancy post.  I hope to keep this updated as much as possible since this will most likely be our last child.  It might be TMI for some of you, but that is just too bad.  If we are having a little girl, I want to document the experience so some day I can tell her all about what to expect when her time comes.  If we are having another little boy, maybe I can prepare my daughter-in-laws. And what kid doesn't want to know all about what happened when they were swimming around in mommy's tummy?

So, this was a surprise.  Not like an "Oh crap, what are we going to do" surprise, but a "wow, I can't believe WE had a surprise pregnancy" surprise.  I thought I would be one of the last ones on earth to have a surprise pregnancy.  We usually have to really work at it.  You know Dale usually loves that part.  I pretty much hate it.  I hate the build up and let down every single month.  It does crazy things to my mind.  I am very fortunate that it happened this way.  We were going to try for another child and just weeks before this little surprise we decided that we would start trying when Waylon was out of diapers.   Ha, someone upstairs is STILL trying to teach me a lesson about me not being in charge!  I'm kind of hard headed but I feel like I am getting better sometimes!  I have been really calm about this pregnancy.  Mainly because it is still so hard for me to believe.  In the past I have had a lot of nervous feelings about the 1st trimester since we lost a baby, but this one has been totally different.  I am really thankful for that.  The Lord wanted this baby in our lives and he thought it is the right time, so we aren't arguing or questioning that in any way!  The only big thing I am worried about is 3 kids in daycare.  Ouch on the whole saving money thing.  We are on the road to being able to handle it though.  Another day, another post.

I have some apologies to make.  1st to Aunt Flo.  I flipped her off a few times and blamed her for things that weren't even her fault.  I think her feelings are hurt and she probably won't be back around these parts for a year or so.  But, I'm sure that when she does return she will be back with a vengeance.  Actually, I can count on it.  So, Aunt Flo, I'm sorry, but I won't miss you during our break.  The other goes to my dr for mocking her about her silly question of "so, you know you can get pregnant" because we weren't really using birth control.  I guess I deserved that.

Onto the details.  I am about 12 weeks along looking like a lot more.  My due date is January 27th.  A couple of people are really excited about that date because of their own birthdays, I doubt we hit it.  I am always hungry and have little cravings during the day for certain things.  Just a minute ago it was green beans.  I have no idea!!!!  Mainly I just crave food in general.  The tiredness is getting a lot better.  I am having some issues with (TMI) irritable bowel syndrome.  I guess it is my version of morning sickness, which I haven't had with any of my pregnancies.  But, it is getting a lot better.  Thankfully it was only a couple of weeks long. 

I have gained 4 pounds since my last dr's appointment but it seems like a ton more.  Should have switched (TMI) bras a couple of weeks ago because my cups runneth over.  But, I'm too lazy to dig the preggo bra out.  Plus I love these things being bigger and full, not gonna lie!  Can't button my pants and usually have to unzip them when I sit down.  Why are my pants all feeling so much tighter in the butt.  I wish that thing didn't get bigger every time.  It is big enough!  No new stretch birth marks yet.  I have 2 on each hip from Wyatt and the rest from Waylon.  They don't bother me anymore and I am sure I will get even more this time around.  I cried the first time I got one of Wyatt's.  They are totally worth it and they could also be a lot worse! 

Dale and I are pretty convinced it is a girl.  Dale doesn't think he has the luck to get another boy. Not that he wouldn't love his daughter, but I think he is scared to death about how hard he will fall for her and how much crap he is going to have to put up with during the preteen and teen years.  It scares me too.  He dreamt that we were having a girl and her hair was black like his.  That will most likely be the case since the boys have my coloring.  That is kind of the pattern on his side, one light, one dark.  Weird, I know.  He has some names he has been thinking about even.  I think I will wait a little longer to tell you those because they might change a million times.  The heart beat is 170.  The boys were always in the 160's except for really early on.  I had a few early sonograms with both so the heartbeats were higher.

The boys?  Wyatt doesn't want a baby sister or a baby brother.  He wants to keep baby Waylon even though he isn't a baby anymore.  Pretty sweet.  But since we are having one or the other he prefers a sister he guesses.  He thinks that I will wake up from sleep, cry, and then the baby will come out of my stomach.  Pretty close I guess.  I asked Waylon if he wanted a brother.  He quickly said no and ran away.  I said do you want a sister and he smiled and said huh, which usually means yes.  He just likes to say baby nigh nigh and point to the bassinet I still have by his crib since a friend needed to borrow it a few months ago.  So, I think everyone is on the girl side here, we will find out for sure in AugustBut, we would be equally happy to be having another little boy and no we are not going to try for a girl if it is a boy.  3 and done (if we have anything to say about it). Well, this is getting way too long and I am going to add a couple of pics for all of you that stuck around and read it.  Thanks!  Any questions, just ask!  Thanks for joining us on our journey!
                                          11 weeks                                         12 weeks


  1. Yay! Congrats! Thanks for all the details...you know I'm a details kind of a gal! Enjoy this pregnancy (since it's probably your last!)

  2. I'm so excited for you and can't wait to read about your journey. Thanks for the pics. It was a lot more fun watching your belly grow in person. You are the cutest darn pregnant girl in the world!

    My rear and legs got big with my girl and they haven't gone away. :o( Same size but a way different fit in those areas.

    Now go get some green beans!

  3. Congratulations! You look great! My God, Baby really made a jump from 11 to 12 weeks, didn't she? Blessings!

  4. Congratulations! Look at your cute little bump already! I showed early too. Here's to a safe, easy, not so sickly or irritable bowels!

    I'm sending pink thoughts your way. We have two girls and now a boy on the way, so anything is possible!

  5. Aww look at that cute bumps, girl! Your boys reactions are too cute :D Hope you'll have a smooth pregnancy, Mama. Hugs!

  6. Congratulations! =)
    I'm a new follower!


  7. Not sure how I missed this post. But girl... I don't normally look as good as you looked at 11 weeks. If that were the case, I might have more too. I swell up like a balloon and then deflate and am never the same. Sigh. I don't think there's much for saggy skin short of going under the knife which I don't want.



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