Wednesday, May 5, 2010

What I want for Mother's Day

I'm not really expecting anything special out of Mother's Day.  I'm easy like that!  A card and a hug and kiss or something would do me just fine.  Oh and some chocolate!  But, what I REALLY want?  I want Wyatt to go to bed without a fight, stay in his room, and get a decent amount of sleep.  When we announce that it is bed time I want him to pick up and move it to his room without a word except goodnight and I love you.

I am so flippin sick and tired of bed time with him.  NOTHING works.  He just doesn't want to go, plain and simple.  It is one excuse after the other. 
  • I'm not tired
  • I'm thirsty
  • I have to go to the bathroom
  • That train is too loud
  • I hate those cars that keep going by my window
  • I want Marcus
  • I don't want Marcus
  • I want to play games on your phone
  • I'm scared
  • I want my toy
  • I want my other toy
  • The batteries are dead in this
And on and on and on.  I.AM.SO.SICK.OF.IT!!!!!!  This is by far the worst part of my day and I'm not even the one that puts him to bed.  He doesn't require a lot of sleep in the first place and I know he isn't scared of anything.  He just wants to be with us and I get that.  I would totally let him sleep with us every night if it wasn't for those few times a week (ha, ha) we need "our" time to our selves!  But, I am to the point where I just want to put him in the room and lock the door from the outside, but I am too much of a chicken to do it. 

I am looking for something revolutionary here.  Please don't suggest a white noise machine.  That crap doesn't work.  What have you tried and what has worked for you?  I mean really worked.  Like your child was as bad as mine and it worked kind of worked.  His bedtime is 9.  I don't plan on moving that up.  If I did then I wouldn't get to spend any quality time with the kid because of my job and fixing dinner and all the motherly/wife stuff I have to do once I get home from my day job.  Come on guys, give me something good, PLEASE!


  1. When B got me to the brink I held his door shut for about 2 minutes while he fought from inside to get it open. I know, I lost it! It pretty much traumatized him and took an hour to calm him down. I don't really suggest that although I know some moms do that.

    Caleb just kind of outgrew it. It went on for 2 1/2 years though and every once in a while rears it's head again. We have a strict and solid routine. Baby A goes down, B stays up to play for 30 minutes, put on pjs, take medicine, brush teeth, read a book or play a game, read his bible, hugs and kisses. We leave the light on low, have a little cup of water on his nightstand and leave his bathroom light on/door cracked. Oh I know he stays up another hour or so playing with toys because I find them in his bed the next day but as long as I'm left alone to do those mommy things we're good.

    You didn't want to hear "he'll outgrow it" did you? :o( The more independence they get, the harder this gig gets!

  2. Yeah, I was hoping for a quick fix : )! Dale threatened to lock him in one time and I about flipped a lid when he said it because I thought it would be traumatic for him, but lately, not gonna lie, I have considered it!

  3. I'm sorry. Sounds like a pretty reasonable request. :)

    Unfortunately some kids are just more trying. Trust me, I know!!

    I also think children go through phases for various reasons and that when you laest expect it they will outgrow it. Hope it happens sooner than later for yuor sake.

    Good luck.

  4. I'm not there yet, so can't speak from experience, but I've heard stories from my sister-in-laws.

    Their tactic is to give one warning that if they get up again you won't speak to them. When he gets up again, take his hand, ignore all his requests and stay silent and march him back into bed. They say it can get pretty ugly with the kids screaming and yelling, but after a few nights it seems to work.

    May be worth a try but I can't say since we're still in a crib!

  5. If I was locked in a room, even at my age I would LOSE it......So I dont think that is a good idea....I do believe if you do not do what you are told spankings are required...Not telling you to beat him to pieces...Wyatt it is 8:30 you have 30 minutes till bed time just a heads up...10 min till- Wyatt you have 10 min till bed time.....make sure you have EVERYTHING together you will NOT be allowed out of bed once you get there......Bed time gets there he gets in bed NO EXCUSES ..NONE....if he gets out of bed he gets a few swats....but of corse you will warn him of this.......good luck

  6. Thank you all for your comments. I am really hoping he decides to outgrow this like tonight!!!

  7. We do what anonymous said. Warn 15 minutes out and tell him to start his bedtime pile (of crap he takes to bed). Then, we warn him with 5 minutes and finally one minute. This has helped immensely. Also? We tell him that if he needs to go to the bathroom, he needs to go by himself...he really is big enough to handle it. Good luck, lady! And happy mother's day to a wonderful Mommy!!!

  8. Tayarra, I have no advice for this other than cio. He gets up, you put him back, over and over again until he goes to sleep. I saw this done on the nanny and it worked, at least while the cameras were there.

    I can't really offer much. What I can say is that he is 3. He does not know what he wants or what is best. Don't let him trick you. You're the mama, he's the baby! Don't forget. I know that sounds lame, but I have to remind myself all the time for the confidence/ remember who's in charge her boost.

    Hope this helps.



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