Wednesday, May 5, 2010


I love Dale's jet black hair.  As you can see, he shaves it all off quite often because he doesn't like having hair.  I love his hair.  It is thinner than it use to be, but I still think he looks really good when he lets it grow out some.  Recently he made some bet with a kid at school and has been growing it out.  This morning I heard his sink running, which is unusual to be running that long in the morning, so I went to see what was going on.  He was washing the bedhead (not the product) out of his hair.  So cute. 

I'm glad he made this bet.  He really needs to take advantage of it now because I am sure that soon it will be grey!  I am secretly wishing that our next child has his skin and hair color instead of my white pasty looking color!  I'm dying to get our in the sun here!

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  1. Yeah, I was at the gym today next to this like super tan chick. I'm thinking, I really need some color. I came home and got my self tanner out. lol. Since I had to get some pre-cancerous moles removed I'm deathly afraid of exposing my skin, but it always looks so much better tan. Don't ya think?



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