Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Thoughts while at the gyno...

Me and that gyno office have a love/hate relationship.  I was thinking the other day when I was reminded of my much anticipated visit how I would react going in there this time. 

If you think about it, women, the gyno's office can be a significant place in your life.  It's confirmed you are pregnant here.  You usually get your 1st glimpse of your little ones here.  You get good and bad news here which usually ends up as some sort of life changing event.  It's crazy really how significant the gyno's office is. 

Some of my thoughts as I was there today:
I wish I was here because I was pregnant.
Why do I start sweating when they hand me that gown?
That lady looks extremely cute.
I have lost even more weight?
How does she do this all day every day?
Does she really think I don't know that I could get pregnant if we aren't using birth control?
Do people really answer the drug question honestly if they do in fact use drugs? 
Why can't I find that lump that has been there for over a month now when she is asking about it?
That doesn't feel too horrible.
Did she really just say "one finger in the bottom"
That feels ridiculously horrible!
My God why does she have to do that part?
I don't think I can walk.

Those thoughts haven't always been as light hearted though.  When I sit in the waiting room I think I can pick out every single chair I have sat in and think of the experience I had there.  I sat in a different place today.  I glanced over at the chairs along the wall and thought, that is where I sat during my follow up visit after our miscarriage and cried while waiting.  It is also the same chair I sat in after we found out Waylon was a boy and that he had a potential heart issue.  Maybe I need to stay away from that side of the room.

It just boggles my mind how many memories of my life that place holds.  I'm glad today was a quick, no big deal visit.  Not life altering or anything!  I'm not so sure my "bottom" agrees though!  Ouch!


  1. Since you shared...I always think "can I pee in the cup and not on my hand this time". :o) I'm glad it was an uneventful visit. I hope your next visit is happy eventful!

  2. The joys of modern medicine...we get to be poked and prodded everywhere!

  3. thats true! I never thought of it that way! I do the same thing. I think of how I was feeling in each chair when I go. Thanks for sharing that post. It was cute!



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