Thursday, May 6, 2010

What I thought

I thought terrible 2's were supposed to start when your child was 2.  Novel idea!  They show up around 16 months in our house.

I thought that the terrible 2's were supposed to fade when they reached 3.  Again, novel idea! 

I thought things were really supposed to get better when they reached 3 and even better at 4 and by 5, wow, you would have a nicely behaved young man.  Wow, I was wrong.  Tempers do get a little bit better, but I guess in my naive mind I expected no fits or once a month or something.  I don't even know.

I had to leave the store yesterday because of a fit by my almost 4 year old.  Actually it wasn't a full blown fit, but I could tell it was right around the corner and I wasn't about to be even more humiliated once it got WAY out of control.  I never thought I would be doing this, NEVER!  Not my kid!  My kids will be well behaved and do everything I say because they will know what is expected out of them and they will follow it. 

I just want to apologize to all of those parents everywhere that received a judgemental thought from my naive mind about how their children should act in public.  I am truly sorry I judged you!  You don't even know I did, but I did and I am sorry.  Now, I give those parents a quick little smile to let them know that they aren't alone and it isn't the end of the world.

I love my kids to death, really truly love them like no other and wouldn't trade them for the world.  But, really, really what did I expect and what la la land was I living in.  These are kids and this is what kids do.  Now if I can only remember that when we are in the moment and smile about it like I am now, we are golden!

I need to give Wyatt some credit because it looks like I am painting him in a really negative light lately.  He really is a good kid and apologized about the way he acted in the store as we were pulling in the drive way after a silent ride home.  I didn't ask him to apologize, he just did it and it made my heart sing.  No spankings, no tongue lashings, no horse voice, no red face, no popping veins.  We were able to talk in a calm manner about it after he had time to think and realize what he did wrong.  So, maybe it is getting a little better.  And really one little seems to completely dull the thousands of really sweet awesome things he does every day.  Like saying, "Mom, hey mom, I really love you!"  Ah, I love it!


  1. Yeah, I hear ya. I think almost all moms can relate. I remember with my first, about 18 months I think, when he threw the carton of eggs out of the shopping cart. And then that same day throwing the cell phone in the toilet... you get the picture. The tantrums were unreal too.

    I tell you this only to let you know that you are not alone.

    The fact that he apologized on his own shows that he is a good little boy and has a good mommy teaching him well.

    And sorry I didn't get back to you earlier about the tanners. Dr appt and work sucked up my day.

    I'm thinking of a post about it. If not, I'll send info-- but really nothing spectacular. Still searching. Have you tried the mystic tan before at the tanning salon? Kinda pricey.

  2. Wow. I'm sure parenting is so difficult. I can't even imagine right now. It sounds like this is just a phase and how sweet that he apologized. You are a great mother and you have great kid (even when it's hard)!

  3. uuuhhh thats the worst when they do that in stores and there is nothing you can do about it! Uhhhh I feel for ya!



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