Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Bitter Sweet

Dale had a track meet this Saturday.  Me and the boys packed up all of our crap and headed for the track for a day full of running.  Wyatt wasn't in the best of moods and saw some kids racing each other back behind the bleachers.  He whined and whined about wanting to play with them and if I could please ask them if they would play with him.  I kept telling him if he wanted to play with the older kids he was going to have to step up and be the one to ask them.  I did him a favor.  What kid wants their mom doing all the talking when they get older?     

So the kids were gone for awhile and then they came back and before I knew it I heard, "Hey guys, you wanna play catch?"  He was confident and loud and I was PROUD.  At first they kind of shied away.  I mean he is 3 and they are at least 10 or so.  Then one of the boys said, "Yeah, sure, I'll play" and held up his hands to catch the ball.

They were shocked.  I think they were expecting him to underhand toss the thing when he winged it over their heads.  It was the cutest thing ever.  All of them kept saying, "Oh my gosh, this kid has an arm.  Throw it over here.  Throw it to me.  He is going to be a football player, I can already see it."  It was great.  He had them begging to play with him by the end. 

I am so proud that he is gaining confidence and learning what it means to make friends.  I quickly grabbed him as they were having a little break and told him how proud I was of him. 

I want him to be a confident person as he grows up.  I want him to be a good role model for his brother.  I want him to be the kind of kid that takes time to play with some nagging little kid and enjoy it.  I want all of these things for him as he grows into a young man, but that doesn't mean I want him to do it overnight. 

My little baby boy, my dream come true, is growing up and as I am extremely proud a little bit of me is extremely sad.  It's bitter sweet!  I am so going to miss getting the giggles with him.  I'm going to miss him wanting to snuggle in bed with me on a stormy night.  I'm going to miss little Wy Wy like mad.  I think it will be a miracle when I can actually sing Happy Birthday to my baby again without getting choked up.  Please God, give me the patience with him today to see him for all that he is now and love every minute of it while I have it.     


  1. Sweet post. You are doing a great job as a mom. You're right to teach him to be assertive and confident. And yes, along with that comes them needing you just a little less. Sniff.


  2. Isnt it SO scary to be a parent? It is such a journey into the unknown. You can never know how your kids will turn out and only can do the very best you can. It sounds like you are well on your way!

  3. Very nice post. SImple and sweet

  4. It is bittersweet watching them grow up. We want them to be confident and strong and worthy of being followed . . . .but it goes so quickly! One day they're holding your hand, and the next they're saying, "I can do this myself." It's a constant growing and pulling away, and checking to make sure you're still there . . .

  5. Awwwwww- that must be so awesome and tough at the same time! I am already mourning my baby turning into a toddler! I can't imagine- little kid!

    Following you through Mom Loop Friday Follow- off to read more of your blog! Hope you'll follow me back!




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