Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Why I love the mornings on the weekends

I get to wake up to such sweet boys before their horns wake up and protrude from their skulls. Wyatt came to our room Sunday morning and said, "Oh my gosh, I have so much energy!" He hogged my pillow and I decided I better let the dog out. When I came back to bed he was sound asleep. So much for that energy!

Below is a video of Waylon being so cute. He is in such a great mood in the mornings and so cute. This Saturday morning, I got out of the shower and Dale headed out the door with Wyatt to play and get some things done outside. Waylon wasn't ready yet, so he stayed, but still followed them to the door. He came back into the bathroom looking like this...

He found jack pot on his way back to the bathroom. An Easter Egg filled with candy.

Gone in about 2 seconds


Really yum! Hope I can get that stuff out of his jammies!

Forgive me for the end. I thought I had turned the camera off, obviously I didn't and I don't know how to edit it, sorry! It was just too cute not to post. Love that little man, blue drool, snotty nose and all!


  1. Hi I saw your discussion and wanted to let you know that I like your layout, I am no expert though but I know I don't like clutter, though I am probably guilty! If there is too much stuff then it's hard to focus.

  2. I'm at work so I can't watch videos, but I'm sure it'll be just as adorable as the photos!



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