Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Time for Dale. He had a track meet last night so he didn't get home until late. Wyatt had been in bed (playing, not sleeping) when he thought he heard his daddy come in. He was so excited to see him. Dale got in, got his dinner ready and sat down to eat. Wyatt was right on his heels. They sat together while Dale ate and Wyatt carried on the most adult conversation with him I have ever heard him carry on. I was messing with this blog and was glad Wyatt was asking all the right questions, all the ones I would have asked him. Things like, "How was the track meet? Did they run good? Did you have a good day at school? Did you get coffee while you were at school?" Dale never drinks coffee so I don't know where that came from. He was also asking the most relevant follow up questions. I was really shocked by the conversation if you can't tell. What a little man he is becoming. He also told Dale at one point in the conversation that he was a good man. My little guy is so smart!

So, what I love about Dale, watching him with our boys! Really, that is enough said.

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  1. That's so nice. It sounds like a very adult conversation (probably more so than some of the convos many adults have). How cool to get to see your baby growing into an interesting, loving man. And, I wonder where the coffee thing came from. My nephews (all ten or under) are obsessed with coffee. I think it's a kid thing.



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