Monday, April 12, 2010

Awesome weekend

What a great weekend!
The weather ... Awesome
Time with my family ... Awesome
Allergies ... Not so awesome!
Dale and I not fighting or getting aggravated with each other the ENTIRE weekend ... REALLY Awesome!
Realizing that I am living my dream however small it seems to be ... Awesome!!!

I owe you all pictures from our Thursday night visitors. So, here you go.

Have I ever told you how much my life is surrounded by chaos? Well, I wouldn't trade it for anything! You can usually find me with 2 boys in my arms. 30 pounds on each side gives you quite the work out!

My work out routine, you ask? 5 gillion reps of letting 30 pound child hang up side down. 4 gillion reps of picking up toys and clothing. No rest in between. Go right from one activity to the other. Follow by doing 3 gillion laps behind the children making sure they don't hit their head or fall in some dark gross looking hole in the ground. Side note - it is virtually impossible to be 100% successful at this everyday, but the work out is worth it!

All 3 boys together!

Man, my arms hurt!

Ty and Wyatt. LOVE these smiles! They had a ton of fun together!

My boys!

Kay's biceps needed a little toning as well! (That is a complete lie. This woman could not BE in any better shape) See....

Jealous much, um, yeah! I can only hope that I get in shape and stay in shape when I am her age! (Sarah, I had to steal this one. Hope you don't mind!) That other little adorable lady is Skyler! What a sweetie she is!

Here we are all together. Those are totally not my kids looking like brats! I borrowed them from the neighbor so we wouldn't look so perfect all of the time!

Wyatt got a picture of Sarah and her kiddos.

Waylon found Skyler's binki and the car seat and was in Heaven! I might have to delete this picture once he grows up because of the embarrassment factor. Or I could print a bunch of copies for all of those little chics out there that think they are going to steal my baby from me in a few years! Hopefully it scares them away. Just kidding, I'm totally not like that!

All the kiddos. Love Skyler's pose!

Handsome man.

Friend visits have always been so much fun, but they are so much more fun when the kids are big enough to enjoy one another! We had a blast. It was a short visit but we got a lot of fun in. Sarah and I ran track and cross country together in college. Everyone asked us if we were twins! We loved it! We did look a lot alike, bubble butts and all, but I don't see it so much anymore. My hair keeps getting shorter and darker and hers isn't. She is one of those friends that you could go years without seeing but once we see each other it is like picking up where we left off. She's like a little sister to me and in a few short months we will be getting in bridesmaid dresses and helping our other friend Lindsay celebrate at her wedding. I can't wait to be all together again. I'm sure there will be tons of pictures to share. I might even go pick out some retro ones from our glory days!

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  1. Looks like crazy fun. Thanks for dropping by my blog. I thought I would just mention that I really think it's more about content than any blog template- you're doing just fine!



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