Thursday, April 8, 2010

Nothing Really

I really have nothing to write about today. I am still not feeling well. My throat was hurting pretty bad last night, but I am pretty sure it is allergies. I love Spring, why? I had to get a lot of cleaning done last night because we have company coming tonight AND my boys decided to throw the horrible meatloaf I made last night all over the floor while I tried to get some things done while they were still "eating". I don't know why the meal sucked so bad it is usually the favorite.

Anyway, my friend Sarah will be stopping by on her venture back to TX. She is bringing funny man, Ty and her newest little gal, Skyler. I can't wait to meet her and have some girliness in my home for once! Look out baby fever especially baby girl fever. She is also bringing her mama, Kay. I love her mama! She usually sends Sarah with Puppy Chow, which I adore and may or may not eat WAY too much of it to the point my stomach hurts! I have quite the sweet tooth. Her mom is pretty special. She is in her mid 50's and you would think the 2 of them were sisters. She runs track still and stays physically fit. Plus she has a laugh that can really get you going. I will post pics later.

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  1. i just reviewed your blog -- wanted to say this but not on the public forum like that. i am so sorry for your loss and hope that you are working through it. i have had plenty of adversity in my life--never lost a child but came very very close twice. I had a 2 year old son who was electrocuted but thank god revived (but with severe damage to his hand and brain) and another 13 year old boy who fell out of a tree and ruptured his spleen. both of these accidents happened while i was living in Africa as a missionary. we lived in the bush and there were no good hospitals nearby. it was nothing short of a miracle they both survived. i was so lucky i didn't lose them both. but even though i didn't i know what just the fear of that loss is like. it takes time to heal, and even though my two boys are adult men---if i think about their accidents i will still cry today decades later. this love we hold for our children as mothers is our greatest strength--but it also makes us vulnerable because we are always a prisoner to the hurts and losses that affect their lives.
    take care of yourself. courage.



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