Wednesday, April 7, 2010


It's D-Day again! I don't need it so much this week! I love him in general. He tried to make me mad last night but I didn't bite!!

Dale has nothing to do with this but I love Spring storms as long as there are no tornadoes involved. I love the thunder, darkness, and lightning. I really don't know why. I guess I find it exciting to watch God work in this way.

Last night we got a nice Spring storm. I could really do without the hail too, but if it doesn't do any damage I can take it and the boys love to play in it.

The storm was fast and fierce. It left our driveway flooded in about 5 minutes.

The water is pretty deep there and you can see the collection of hail.

The boys playing in the "ice".

That was quite a bit.

Love the sky when it looks like this.

Everything seems so refreshed when a storm passes and there is a warm calm breeze to follow.

So, back to Dale. The tornado sirens went off while this storm was hitting. I'm not sure why since there was no warning of a tornado, I guess just because of the damaging storm? Anyway, Dale grabbed the kids and said he was headed downstairs. I asked if he was serious as there was no breaking news of a tornado coming. He said yeah, you stay up here and cook and we will be downstairs. NICE! Don't mind protecting your wife or anything as long as you have something to fill your belly.
This is supposed to be about why I love him?! Oh, yeah! I love him because we argue and we bicker and it is over. It doesn't drag out for days. We don't hold grudges. It just comes fast and fierce and then it's over. Kind of like a Spring storm.


  1. That is awesome. Dale is my kind of guy. "Hey babe, I know the storm might blow the house away and all, but just in case fix me something to eat while the kids and I are in the basement" Classic.

    Wish I could pull that off.

    Dales school for storm control
    Lesson 1- Make sure dinner is fixed

  2. wow that hale is insane!!! we don't have tornadoes around here (im from boston) but we do have big blizzards but they def. are not as dramatic as what you experienced!

  3. Oh, goodness! Look at all that hail!
    Although I'm in NY now, we used to live in South Florida where the thunderstorms are fierce. I loved dark stormy days of relaxing inside. There was always something fascinating about all the lightning and thunder.



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