Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Yesterday I was so flippin tired! The long weekend really kicked my butt. I am better now though! Last night was a really big success for me as a parent and wife. I don't know if it was because I didn't feel that great and therefore didn't let anything bother me or what, but it wasn't for lack of my kids trying. We got home and Waylon did nothing but cry and scream and hit anything that got in his way. The door, his brother, the little game he was playing, the table, anything and everything. He was in the worst mood. I made a decision that my head hurt way too much to raise my voice in any fashion so I tried different things to try to make him happy. It seems like the only thing that really worked was non-stop shoveling of Easter candy. I just couldn't let that fly, so when I said no more candy I was the one getting in his way. So, I got the binki (I am really trying to get rid of that thing) and put him to bed AT 5:30!! He screamed. I didn't feel bad. It lasted about 30 seconds and he was quiet. I let him stay there for about 10 – 15 minutes and went to check on him. He was wide awake just lying in bed. He had completely changed his attitude. It was AMAZING!

I let him come out and he was a completely different kid for the rest of the night. YEAH! My house is wreck and I didn't care. I just made sure to drag my feet this morning walking through the darkness. I will clean it up tonight, but if you know me, you should know that having my house look the way it does sends me right into a rage! I just didn't care anymore and thought sitting down with my boys and watching Dancing with the Stars was much more important! Well, what we could. The championship game came on and Dale thought he HAD to watch every second of it. Normally I would throw a little hissy fit to try to get my way, but it wasn't worth it. I just went to the bedroom and he came to visit me and the boys during the commercials. It worked out pretty nice. Why can't it always seem this easy in the midst of the chaos?

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  1. my little boy has been acting crazy too... I think it is the easter candy. I need to do some major detox with him! Thanks for chiming in on the SITAS discussion! Adorable family!



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