Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Weekend Pictures

We had a great Easter weekend. The weather was awesome, so we got a lot of outside play time. It was refreshing, but I am so tired today. We started with a day off on Good Friday, which was so nice to have. Easter Sunday we spent in Kansas and then back home to my mom and dad's. The boys were great the majority of the time, they had a blast, and got completely full of sugar!

See! He ate the icing off of this one and then asked for another one. (No, he didn't get another one.)

Everyone got a little sun this weekend as well.

The Turtle cup cake that my mom and dad made together. They are so creative and love going all out for their boys!

You could find Wayners anyway stuffing his face! He looks like such a big boy here.

Here is my nephew Will. You know he is getting crazy when those arms start flying side to side. Love it!

Adorable, little Charlie Brown of a guy! Note the boots and rolled up pants!

My dad and sister! Yes, she is buff! You will hear more about her soon. She has a fitness model show coming up in a couple of weeks. Hopefully I will get some good photos to post. I would like to say that I am jealous, but I can't. She works EXTREMELY hard for where she is and we have totally different lives. BUT, I am really, really, happy and proud of what she is doing.

Bubbles!!! Note the boots and rolled up pants!

Wyatt and his Easter gift, a remote control boat. Note the boots and rolled up pants : )!
Daddy and Wyatt boating.

This is the reason for the boots and rolled up pants. The boys love sloshing around in the spill way from my mom and dad's pond. Will was the only one to fall this time, but my brother was prepared with extra clothes. That's my spoiled little brother there with the video camera.

Aunt T and Wayners walking under the Willow tree.

Waylon clutched his basket the entire time we were hunting eggs.

We were originally going to just put his boots over his pants, but his chubby little legs wouldn't allow for that. We all got a good laugh out of Will and Waylon walking in their boots for the 1st time. It takes them a few steps to get use to them. It is a pretty hilarious thing to watch!

This is the ONLY picture I got of the 3 boys and Nae Nae and Pa Pa!

Waylon trying on Wyatt's new baseball helmet!

He's getting so stinkin big! He's going to be 4 next month.

Wiped out with his baseball bubble gum and his cup spilling all over his seat.

(Sorry, these pictures are in reverse order. I wish there was an easier way to arrange them.)
Waylon trying to take his brother's Easter eggs.

Daddy and Wyatt hunting eggs.

Cousin Betsy helping Waylon.

These are our cousins, Zack and Betsy. They look like total brats and part of Zack is, but I love them to death. They are the best! As soon as Zack saw me he gave me the dirtiest look and came running after me for the biggest hug.
Kids table minus my other nephew Connor, Sponge bob was much more worth it than ham to him.

The old golf cart. The kids spent most of their time on this and Maggie the dog of course!

Wyatt loved this thing!

Easter morning. I had to post this picture. Marcus, our old dog, would have never been found letting a kid lay on him like this. He is getting soft in his old age. Waylon LOVES dogs. Each and everyone of them. The kid has absolutely no fear either which scares me quite a bit.

Trying to catch a glimpse of that Easter bunny that just left them some treats.

Wyatt's new boat. (He has started to point with his pinkie finger. I have NO idea why!)

This was on Friday, our day off. We use to have a green machine at school to climb on, the boys have their dad's Turf Tiger.

Waylon trimming. He is so helpful!

Safety first! Wyatt HATES vacuums! Here he is learning that they can be fun.


Still fun!

Just so you know, it was driving me absolutely crazy that he was this dirty, but that inner voice was saying to me, "He is a boy, they get dirty, he is happy, let him go." But, as soon as his little feet hit the door he was naked in seconds and in the bath for a pre rinse and then a real good lathering! YUCK!

And this is just how cool he is!


  1. It looks like you had a great time! Your mom and dad are so cute for baking together!

    I love the picture of trying to catch a glimpse of the easter bunny. It is so precious.

    Your boys are adorable!

  2. Thank you!

    I know that picture melts my heart! Actually, he in general melts my heart.

    My mom and dad are actually pretty cute together with anything they do. (My dad really doesn't have a choice in the matter : ))!



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