Thursday, April 1, 2010

What’s going on???

Wow! It has been a crazy morning around my hometown! I woke up this morning around 5, let the dog out, sat down at the island to eat my Cheerios (I really needed Wheaties!), went back to the garage door to let the dog back in. Something caught my eye so I turned to look toward our pasture where there was an orange glow. I couldn't really make out if it was a fire or not or if it was if it was our neighbors house or a field fire. Regardless if it was a field fire, no one burns at 5am. I went and woke Dale up to see what he thought. We decided we needed to call the fire station. About the time I put my hand on the phone I heard the sirens. We don't live too far from town, but it is still considered in the country. We live up on a hill so we have a pretty good view of the main highway that runs by our town. We were able to watch the fire trucks in route to the location. With the speed they were traveling, we thought for sure it was a field fire. So, they got there, we couldn't see what all was going on so we decided to go back in the house. Wyatt came into the room as we headed back inside from our back deck and was wondering what was going on. We showed him and he just kept saying, "Oh my gosh, Oh my gosh". He was being pretty dramatic. I have a little bit of post traumatic stress disorder I think from a house fire my family experienced a few years ago. I will write about that soon.

Wyatt decided that he wanted to watch tv but we thought he really needed to lay back down for a bit. He refused and strongly stated that he needed to watch tv. I told him nothing was on except for the news this early and he strongly protested that he wanted to watch the news. Fine, we gave in. 1st story that was on was about a murder investigation in our town. Our town is small, this kind of stuff very, very rarely happens. I felt like I had entered the Twilight Zone! Turns out some 20 year old couple had a domestic/custody dispute earlier in the day and around 10:30 that night there were gun shots heard. The husband apparently shot his father-in-law, then his wife, and then killed himself. I don't know all of the specifics, but the father-in-law was able to get some help and there was apparently a child in the house unharmed. The father-in-law was life flighted and the wife was killed. Such sad times. It gives me a sick feeling in my stomach and makes me want to go be with my family.

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  1. I'm so glad you and your family are safe. I hope they got the fire put out quickly.

    I hope the weekend finds you some peace and calm :-)



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