Thursday, March 11, 2010

Who am I kidding...

I am never going to get around to trying to make these pictures look any better so I am just going to share them in their raw beauty.

But before you enjoy these I have to share how big Wyatt thinks he is now. Last night he says to me, "Mommy, I can say damn it now" with an excited voice and expressive eyebrows "because I am 3." I tell him that no he really can't and then not 10 seconds later a guy on tv says damn it and he quickly laughed and said, "see that guy says damn it too and I can say damn it because I am 3." Thank you, prime time tv!!

The boys love my snow boats as much as I do and apparently there is something under the buffet that I need to get out.

Is that a bowl? I wonder what is in it and how long it has been under there, or maybe I really don't. Anyway, wish I would of captured the process he went through to get these and put them on. What a little thinker!

He loves that little pony!

I love those love handles!!

And those cankels!

Ok, so I love every single piece of him!

Trying to figure out how the canister goes back on the vacuum.


  1. The pic of of him in the boot is the coolest pic you have on here. So many captions could go there

  2. Oh my goodness! He is such a sweetie! I would try those boots on too but they look 4 sizes to small for my big feet. Don't you love how you find things when you are looking at pictures? Thanks for sharing these; this post made my day!



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