Friday, March 12, 2010

Sometimes you just have to laugh!

Ever have dreams that cause you to wake up and be fuming mad at your spouse? I am known to have some weird dreams especially when I am pregnant. (No, I'm not pregnant.) I use to have a lot of dreams where I would wake up totally mad at Dale. If I was still that jealous, insecure person I use to be this one would have got me going.

The other night they announced the names of the next Dancing with the Stars stars. Good wholesome ole' Pamela Anderson will be one of the stars. When we saw that I laughed and said, "Well, I guess we will ALL be watching Dancing with the Stars this season." Dale doesn't usually care to watch the show unless there is some football player on there or someone he really likes. Other than that you can hear him mumbling under his breath how stupid the show is when the boys and I get our way and watch it. Wyatt and Waylon LOVE music and they LOVE to dance all crazy and I get a huge kick out of them doing it.

So anyway, last night/early this morning I had a dream that we were all at his grandma's sitting at her round kitchen table eating and Pamela Anderson was there. Out of nowhere she leaned over and kissed Dale right there in front of me, his kids, and HIS GRANDMA!!! I freaked, stood up and said EXCUSE ME! Then she scurried off up the stairs. Dale looks at me with this grin on his face and says, "WHAT!?!" like nothing was wrong with that. Then I started yelling at him, but when I was yelling at him he turned into Wyatt and his face got all red. Then he turned back into Dale as we both got up from the table as I was asking him if he thinks he would be ok if some hot guy just kissed his wife in front of his family. I don't remember what all happened next but Pamela Anderson is lucky that my 5am alarm went off!

In reality, I probably wouldn't be mad at Dale at all if this ever really happened. I mean, I would think it would be flattering in a way for Pamela Anderson to kiss my husband, or maybe not! I would probably bleach his lips and make fun of him forever for it. But, what a story he would have to tell the guys!


  1. Hell Yeah Dale. Nice Work. Now my questions is

    Is it the Pam Anderson from Home Improvement?


    Or Kid Rock and Tommy Lee wife

    Not that it really matters though


  2. She seemed pretty cleaned up, so let's go with the BayWatch Pam!



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