Monday, March 8, 2010

So I have a few new things…

  • I want to try this new thing I came across the other day on some other random blog where they have something like a husband appreciation day. I think that is a great idea! I was thinking through what day of the week would be the best and I thought Monday, then thought, no Monday is when I appreciate him the most already, so what about Wednesday because it is in the middle of the week when things are getting stressful and I am getting tired and I take him for granted more in the middle of the week. So, I think I will pick Wednesday. Hopefully on Wednesdays I will have enough time to blog.
    • I am really trying to put effort into putting him 1st, well 2nd in our lives (no, I don't mean putting myself 1st) because I know that our marriage isn't a very happy place when I try to put my mothering of our boys above everything. Plus, the Bible kind of tells me to do that, I guess I better listen. Plus, he deserves it, but it isn't his day so I will save the rest for Wednesdays.
  • Waylon was being extremely cute this weekend running around in his diaper like a little cherub. I had to stop my vacuuming and get my camera. I threw myself down on my belly to try to capture these great photos of him being so stinkin cute. I have them and I will share them soon after I try to make them presentable. I was disappointed in how they turned out with my little point and shoot camera. It's like it doesn't know what to do with natural light and can only take a decent pic when everyone is extremely still for at least 3 seconds and holds their smile through the ridiculous flash. So anyway, to the point, once this debt is paid off, I am going to look into getting a decent camera and learning the basics so I will not keep missing these great moments in time.
    • As much as we hate diapers there is nothing cuter than a chubby little baby running around your house in one, a clean one! I know that I am really going to miss the diaper stage of our babies.

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