Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Mommy of the Year!

It is crazy how much I miss blogging when I can't squeeze in a single second to get things off of my mind. I have been crazy busy at work and I don't even try to attempt blogging at home anymore unless it is nap time on the weekends and I have 2 seconds of quiet time to my name.

Anyway, Monday night and Tuesday morning I felt the Mommy of the Year committee was out to get me to rip my title away. Monday night I was losing my patience fast with Wyatt and his multiple excuses of getting out of bed! He actually took a bottle of water into his room, opened it and poured it out on his bed. He then came out and told me he was all wet and that he got his blankets all wet. What did I say? "Well, I guess you are just going to have to sleep with wet blankets and get over it." Nice, mom! Dale went back there and Wyatt admitted what he had done. Dale asked why in the world he would do that and he said that since his bed is now all wet he guessed he would just have to sleep in our bed. Nice try, buster!

He has been waking me up at 2:02 every morning this week telling me he isn't tired anymore and that he is afraid of his room. I will at least carry him back in there while I am telling him too bad. Cut me some slack, I know he isn't really scared of anything, he is just using that as an excuse to try to sleep with us in our bed. I can tell when he is really scared.

Then Tuesday morning he is being whiny as ever and Waylon wants to slowly walk everywhere when I need to get out of the door so I can be 10 minutes late instead of the usual 5. So, Dale tells Wyatt that he needs to walk to the car so we can leave and that sent him into total melt down. I, being the very mature Mommy of the Year, throw my stuff down and whine/yell that I don't want to do this anymore and that I want to just quit. What the hell was that suppose to mean is what I was thinking when it was coming out of my mouth. The other thought was, who is the baby here?

I often wonder why Wyatt whines and acts the way he does when he doesn't get his way. Recently I had an aw ha moment ... because I sometimes, ok usually, act that way when I don't get my way. When Dale does something I don't like, like stay out sledding with Wyatt until after dark so that we have no time to go grocery shopping or out to eat on a weekend, then I yell and throw a fit about how mad I am at him. I may or may not whine in the process as well.

I know right, I sound really mature! Really, I get mad at him for playing too long with his son, what is wrong with me? I am my own world's worst critic! I threw myself a pity party the other day and then got over the fact that I can't be a good/perfect mom/wife all of the time. I am a human, I will fail, but I really want to try to not do this as much. So, I am cutting myself some slack and trying harder the next day. That is what I tell Wyatt to do when he slips up on things. I guess I better stop being such a hypocrite because soon he will get a clue that I tell him one thing but act another.

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  1. Oh my goodness! Oh my goodness! Oh-my-goodness! I am laughing so hard I have tears in my eyes. Don't be mad! I just thought I was reading a page out of my own diary! I totally did that "I don't want to do this anymore" fit like a month ago. And B does that same (drive me crazy bedtime thing and 2am thing. I think this is the first time in my life I can say I completely empathize with someone. We can be embarassed together if you want. Or we could quit whining. Hmmm.



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