Friday, March 5, 2010

The Heavy Weight’s on a Break

Waylon had a doctor's appointment yesterday. So, I got to leave early. The weather was nice!!!! It's about time! We went to the doctor, his ears look perfect! He was SUCH a good boy thanks to the best big brother there ever was! Wyatt was right there for him to show him everything would be ok! 24 pounds and 10 ounces by the way. His weight has slowed down quite a bit, but that all makes sense because he runs around the house like a mad man especially when he is naked. That kid couldn't be happier than when he is running around the house naked. He didn't want to get his clothes on last night after the bath so when I drug him into his room he ended up hiding from me behind the rocking chair. Little stinker, it was hard trying to get him out of there.

After the doctor they were SO good so we went to the park to enjoy the nice weather. They had a great time and Wyatt did AWESOME when it was time to leave. We had a little pep talk before we went to play. Pretty much I expected no tears, whining, or fits when it was time to leave. VICTORY!!! Except I had to drag his brother kicking and screaming to the car. We need to work on him a little more.

Then off to get mommy's hair chopped off. Oh, is it chopped! I was distracted by keeping my eye on my rug rats so they wouldn't destroy the place and wasn't paying attention. She went to town! Oh well, it will grow! I hated it when she was 1st done because she didn't dry it and it looked TERRIBLE! But, once I got home I liked it a lot. But this morning, not too sure! Anyway, you don't care.

Thing is, it was could have been a really stressful day with a lot of stuff jammed into it. Funny how a stressful day seems to be so much easier when you don't freak out about the stress of it all!!!! We ended our night last night with the boys rolling around on the floor laughing together the hardest they could laugh. It was pretty great! (And another lost binki, of course Waylon doesn't still use a binki, and Wyatt getting out of bed a gillion times, but I didn't mention any of that and it was still a great night.)

I think we are off to the auto show this weekend! The boys (all of them) love the auto show! I'm a great team player! Pics to follow, I'm sure! Oh, and I got my health profile back … beautiful results, thanks to better eating habits (thanks friends for your suggestions), but my platelets are still high. Set up a dr's appointment.

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