Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Wednesday ... I knew I picked the right day for these posts!

So on Tuesday nights LOST comes on and my husband goes into this LOST trance. I like the show and enjoy the twists and turns, but this man LOVES it. I usually get side tracked and don't get to catch it all because I am scurrying around trying to keep the volume at a medium to low level on the boys, which is usually a failed task. So, I end up, well, lost!

If something like last night happens where Waylon decides to cry and scream because he is jealous that Wyatt is in my lap getting mommy attention because he doesn't feel well, our house turns into a battle zone of trying to find the flippin binki and doing anything and everything to get him to calm down so daddy can hear his show while he sits there in a trance only breaking it to give someone a dirty look because he can't hear.

Let's just say it doesn't turn out well. Actually it turned out pretty cute for Waylon and Daddy, but not for Daddy and Mommy. Waylon ended up falling asleep sitting with daddy in his chair with his little binki and blankie. His head kept bobbing back and forth for awhile until Dale laid it back. If I would have gotten over my hissy fit I would have grabbed a picture of it, but I was too caught up in my anger.

I am in need of taking a step back and realizing once again why I love this guy so much.

He does things for me. He does his own laundry every week and pretty much always has. Going from 7 loads of laundry in a week down to 5 (not counting the every other week occasional blanket cleaning) this makes a huge difference. I appreciate it so much. On Saturday mornings he fixes the boys breakfast. Then he will usually clean the kitchen; putting dishes in the dishwasher AND wiping the counters off. Usually his definition of cleaning the kitchen is putting things in the refrigerator, which I also appreciate. On Sundays while the boys and I are visiting my parents he picks up the house and fixes himself dinner. If I really need it he will run the vacuum as well. He is great and thoughtful about doing things like this when he knows I need them done, but just don't have time.

He is also good at realizing I have reached my limit of stress and he will take action on it during the week. Like the great move he did last night once his show was over. He CLEANED the kitchen; put all of the dishes in the dishwasher and wiped the counters. Then let psycho dog out and fed her (usually my job since I was the one who ruined Christmas by getting her, I thought I would be the one to be taking care of her all of the time.) Good move, Dale. Love you babe!

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  1. Aww how awesome! You deserve it!

    Psycho dog. I want to see a video clip of this dog soon!



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