Thursday, March 18, 2010

Booby Talk

I had to have a mammogram and a sonogram yesterday on one of my ta ta's. Much more fun looking at a baby in a sonogram than your own boob! Long story short: Wyatt and I were playing, he pushed, I cringed (from discomfort), I felt, I found, I called (the dr). I went to the dr. They squeezed, pushed, pulled, felt. It was fun!

This isn't the first time this has happened. When I was at track nationals at the end of my freshman year at college I found something. I went through the same process as above only I had to have surgery to remove it because of the size and risk of it turning into something more. Oh how I love that scar!

Anyway the process actually wasn't that bad at all. The place is the best; comfortable, quiet, warm, nice. The mammogram lady even had soft, warm hands, which makes a huge difference when she is pulling on you to get all she can get of you into that horrible machine. Actually the mammogram isn't quite as bad as its reputation would leave you to believe. I don't know what those ladies are complaining about. If you need an imaging place and live near KC I would highly recommend it.

So the results… I have 2 small cysts and very thick breasts. Wait, what? I know that is what you are thinking because that is what I was thinking. I felt like asking the doctor if he was sure he was looking at the right set of ta ta's, but he was saying that as my boob was on the screen. How can these things be "thick"? If they were thick I would have expected much more plumpness!!! Anyway, he said it was nothing to worry about and I could get a reduction if I wanted. I was as close to laughing out loud than one could possibly imagine. Seriously, a breast reduction! Please! That would never even come close to making the list of things I would like to do in my life!

The cysts look benign and he is not referring me to a surgeon now. I am just supposed to keep watching them to see if they get bigger or harder. So, I was relieved. It was good news all around!

When I was in the waiting room I was thinking, wow this guy has a dream job. He has every excuse to look and feel everyone's breasts that step into his office every day of his life without getting in trouble for it. What a lucky guy! Then I looked around the waiting room and quickly decided that his job didn't seem so dreamy after all. He is a great dr though and even cracked a joke or two. He asked where my green was. Then told me I was going to get pinched. Then he quickly said, "Oh wait, I guess we already pinched you pretty good." That you did!


(Breast cancer is a very serious thing. Make sure you are feeling and if you are finding, make sure you are calling. My love to all of those and their families out there that have suffered one way or another with cancer.)

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