Monday, March 22, 2010

See you in 4 years Chuck E Cheese

Just have to document our Chuck E Cheese experience. All in all it was a pretty good day. Wyatt woke up and came to our bed like he usually does on the weekends. There were a few times when we were getting ready to go that made me pretty apprehensive about the whole deal. Wyatt was having a hard time doing what he was supposed to be doing. Usually he will just get his stuff done extremely well and quickly especially if he is motivated by such an adventure. Not so much last Friday. I threatened a couple of times that we wouldn't be going if he didn't get things done as he was asked.

So we went anyway. We got there and ate. It was completely busy and there was little help so the lines were long. We got our tokens and we were off to play games. 1st he was upset about not being able to do a lot of the games because they were for the bigger kids. Then he started to LOVE skeet ball. So, we spent the rest of the time there after we let Waylon play in the toddler area. When we were at the skeet ball table I was sweating my butt off trying to keep Waylon in sight and from stealing everyone else's balls. It was a workout. Plus there were "those" parents out there. You know the older mom in her red sweatpants/elastic at the bottom and with her shirt tucked in screeching at her daughter to "Peddle towards mama, peddle towards mama, I said, peddle towards mama!" Oh my goodness, that was right by our table… no escape! Then there was another mom who kindly bent over to grab one of the skeet balls Wyatt threw and ended up on the floor. She bent over to get it and her red t back undies were up to the middle of her back. Let's just say I struggled to hold down my Chuck E Cheese pizza. Not to mention the constant sniffing at Waylon's backside because of the frequent drift of poo. I think it was actually the 14 year old boy next to us. Yuk!

Then after about 30 minutes at the skeet ball table we were out of tokens. Then Wyatt really started in. He threw a fit over wanting to play more games after 2 hours at this place. That bratty little kid in the middle of Chuck E Cheese kicking and screaming was my kid. I would like to say I was mortified and this was pretty close to being one of the most dreaded parent moments I ever had in my mind, but I really found some humor in it. I actually left him where he landed (still in sight). I had to drop Waylon off before I could pick him up. I could see the table closest to him looking around for who he belonged to. That was pretty funny as well. That pretty much did it, there was no changing his mood. We went up to the counter to pick out his little prize with his measly little 91 points. Of course there was nothing he wanted that he could get so I quickly picked something out and that sent him over the edge. He screamed all the way out to the car. It was lovely. I will not be going back alone or on a Friday or on the weekend. 2 minutes down the road he was zonked! He has been sick lately and really not doing well now. I made the choice that I wasn't going to let it ruin the rest of our day together and it didn't. I enjoyed my time with them Friday, fits or not!

Wyatt is now having an allergic reaction to amoxicillin. He doesn't look good. He has hives, chills, and an upset tummy. I feel so sorry for him. Hopefully it will leave his system soon!!! Until then, it's Benadryl, oatmeal baths, and itching cream.


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  1. I can not stand that place. C3 wanted to have a party there so bad, we gave in, had the party right when they opened and it wasn't busy, but I seriously dislike that place. Sounds like Dale was lucky enough to not get to go on this trip. Lucky Man.



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